Beauty is skin deep by Beauty contributor Alyson Sichenzia

Beauty is only skin deep ladies and what is a better time than now to show off what your mamma gave ya! Being a makeup artist has taught me so much about not only beauty on the outside but beauty on the inside. alyson2It’s important to get plenty of nutrients on a daily basis to nourish our immune systems. The body needs electrolytes and antioxidants to feed off good energy throughout the day. During this time of year we can feel alot more run down and fatigued by the end of our work day. It’s crucial to start each day out right with a nutritious breakfast like a kale protein smoothie or an organic yogurt parfait.

That saying “you are what you eat,”  is totally correct if you are putting bad food into your body your skin will show it!  To be prepared, make your meals for the next day the night before so it’s less stressful in the morning. Believe me ladies this healthy way of life will show change in your skin and the way your skin feels.

Be sure to keep reading and consider making this your New Years resolution for 2015! What tips and tricks do you use to keep your skin looking and feeling good?

Visit for tips and tricks  about makeup and skin care.

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Tis the Holiday Season by Beauty Contributor Alyson Sichenzia

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what a better way to do that than with your look from head to toe. Nothing says holiday cheer like a bold red lip, pink cheeks or smokey eyes. The look I am describing is a no brainier dolls. Gather all your makeup goodies together and lay it all out. Then dig out those sparkly lip glosses and glittery eye shadows and have some fun! Play around with blending shadows and ombré lips. Don’t be afraid to be dramatic with eye liner and contour pencil. Love who you are but the holidays are a great excuse to step out of your everyday natural looks and to make a bolder statement.

The beauty of makeup is that it’s temporary and you can simply wash it off any time. Create any look your heart desires; Have fun and be bold!

holidayAlysonStep 1) pick out 3 colors of eyeshadow  a base color, crease color, and a brow highlighter. Then use a black liquid liner to do a cat eyed look.

Step 2) pick a pretty red, pink, or coral lip color with matching liner. Top with a sparkly gloss.

Step 3) use medium to build able foundation coverage.

Step 4) set your foundation with a sheer powder by dusting it on.

Step 5) bring out your beautiful cheek bones with a plum or peachy blush. You can add a golden bronzer to contour with.

There you have it ladies!  A gorgeous holiday look to paint the town red with! Whats your favorite make up to wear during the holidays?

Do you need make up or beauty advice? Contact and Alyson, Professional Makeup Artist may just focus her next article on your question. To learn more about Alyson’s services visit her website at or email her at

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Two fun ways to enjoy a night out for a cause

Isn’t it great when you can have fun at the same time as being charitable! Here are a couple fun ways to spend your time tomorrow night while contributing to some great causes.

1) Head to Beauty to Go, located on Indiantown Road in Jupiter, for “Pretty in Pink”  from 4:30pm to 7:3o pm with 100% of the proceeds from the event benefitting Ali’s Alliance. Join us them for a fun-filled evening offering complimentary beauty services for patients, caregivers, survivors & patrons affected by Cancer. Plus shop their selection of over 1000 beauty products !

Ali’s Alliance offers the first ever geographically searchable comprehensive online database of resources & support for cancer patients, caregivers and survivors. The database includes everything from traditional medical resources to alternative & holistic treatments, financial & social services, counseling, clinical trials, and everything in between. Verified information available nationwide, 24/7, free to search and free to list. For their groundbreaking initiative, the organization was recognized as a semi finalist in this year’s Big C Competition, an international cancer entrepreneurship competition sponsored by LIVESTRONG. Completely event and donation driven, Ali’s core mission is proper patient navigation; providing hope and empowerment to those in need at every stage of the cancer journey. While you may not have heard of the organization, there’s no doubt that anyone personally affected by cancer understands the importance of their objectives.

2) Afterwards on  be sure to visit iBAR, located inside PGA National Resort & Spa for the first ever Girls and Guys Night Out from 5:3o pm to 8:30 pm. Featured will be happy hour specials, luxury shopping, complimentary makeovers and brow makeovers, live music by Terry Cooper and Thursday Night Football viewing with ESPN’s Josh Cohen. On hand will be Ibis Wildlife Foundation. They will be holding a silent auction with some great items including a Couples Massage from the Spa at PGA National. Other highlights include TLC’s Psychic Matchmaker readings, bourbon tastings, and giveaways.

Since its creation in 2003, the volunteers of the Ibis Wildlife Foundation have provided care and assistance to animals in Ibis, both wild and domestic, as well as educated our community about the wildlife that lives around us. The Foundation has rescued injured animals, reunited lost pets with their owners, found homes for abandoned cats and dogs, provided educational literature and programming, and raised funds and materials for area shelters and wildlife refuges.

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Lipstick Queen by Beauty Contributor Alyson Ann Sichenzia

Have you heard of an amazing lipstick brand called Lipstick Queen? If not your totally missing out. I have just been exposed to the new “Silver Screen” fall line. When we think of fall we think of beautiful deep reds, purples, browns, metallics, and even a pretty coral especially here in South Florida!


The first beautiful lipstick Shade, I want to introduce you to is called ” Have Paris” a gorgeous red. This red will have your man going gaga over you. It is a blend of cherry and orange that allows for an amazing pop of color.


“Stlla” an electric purple, is to die for! It is a perfect blend of a bluish purple hue with a metallic sheen that we light up a room, everyone will do a double take when they see you sporting this color!


“Made It” is a deep purplish brown. This vampy lipstick darkens up your lips to perfect fall shading. It looks beautiful on any skin tone and goes great with a layered fall look.

What is your favorite fall lip color?

Do you need make up or beauty advice? Contact and Alyson, Professional Makeup Artist may just focus her next article on your question. To learn more about Alyson’s services vist her website at or email her at

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Jupiter Medical Center Breast Cancer Awareness Ultimate Spa Contest

pinkIn honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jupiter Medical Center is sponsoring the Ultimate Spa Contest.

One lucky winner will receive One (1) Ultimate Indulgence Gift Certificate from The Spa at PGA National  in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The package includes a LaStone massage, rejuvenating facial, signature manicure, Dead Sea pedicure and spa cuisine lunch (ARV $530).

Click to Enter Here

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The Evolution of Essential Oil by Guest Expert Angela Gonzalez

doterra-vs-OTC-imagephoto 3Did you know that essential oils were used throughout history by many cultures and date as far back as the Egyptians? Cleopatra, who was historically known for her beauty, was believed to use essential oils in her beauty rituals and in her seduction of Mark Anthony. Essential oils were considered a valuable commodity and were often traded for gold, they were used by King Tut and many bottles of essential oils were found in his tomb. The Greeks, Romans, Persians, Ayurvedic Indians and Chinese have used essential oils for health, beauty treatments, food preparation, massage, religious ceremonies and aromatherapy. During the era of the Bubonic plague it was noted that a band of thieves who were robbing the victims of the plague were not becoming ill. It was later learned that the thieves were perfumers and frequently applied aromatic compounds on themselves creating protection from illness! Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, practiced a holistic approach to healthcare utilizing herbs and essential oils to treat his patients. Clearly the benefits of essential oils were well known but with the introduction of modern medicine they started to be utilized less. The good news is that many people are becoming more health conscious and the use of essential oils is on the rise.
Essential oils are compounds found in plants which provide protection from disease. They also offer the plant a wonderful aroma. When you smell a rose or a peppermint leaf you are experiencing the aromatic quality of that plant. The interesting thing is that essential oils can provide therapeutic benefit to people and animals as well as plants. There are three ways we can effectively use oils: aromatically, topically and internally. Our sense of smell can trigger many reactions in the body. Some essential oils can be stimulating, calming and some can purify the air when diffused. When applied to the skin, essential oils absorb very quickly providing local benefit. They also circulate throughout the body providing internal benefit. Essential oils are antioxidants and some can be used internally to promote benefit.
A good quality essential oil such as doTerra will ensure the most therapeutic benefits.

Article contributed by Angela Gonzalez, Physician Assistant and doTERRA distributor. For questions regarding essential oils and the amazing benefits of  Essential Oils contact

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Enjoy a sweet summer at the Spa at PGA National

PGA National Resort & Spa will be hosting a Sweet Treat Weekend event August eighth through the tenth. Additionally, the Spa at PGA is offering two months of heavenly bliss as well! These specials are perfect to satisfy your gluttonous cravings- without all the calories. It is time to spoil yourself and enjoy a well deserved spa day. The Sweet Re-Treat will be sure to make you feel like you are on Cloud Nine with all the yummy scents in the air.

a chocolate affair-logoThe Chocolate Affair Massage is perfect for the chocoholics out there- it is a Swedish massage with chocolate cream body milk. A perfect treat to enjoy alone, or to share as a couple experience.

Sweet-retreat-LogoThe Sweet Retreat Body Treatment is a blissfully delicious skin remedy. Starts off with a sugar maple scrub exfoliation, then a deep moisturizing body milk massage to make you feel the ultimate relaxation.
berry ice creamBerries Ice Cream Facial contains top antioxidant super-foods of- Goji, Pomegranate, Acai and Bilberry. This facial is super nourishing and packed with vitamin C, proteins and minerals. A creamy mask and vanilla moisturizer will make your skin glow.
shutterstock,dreamstime,123rf,veerThe Cupcake Mani-Pedi is a decadent sweet-cinnamon treatment that is guaranteed to hydrate and soothe your hard working hands and feet. Starts off in a rich soak with a blend of olive fruit and grape seed oils, with a hint of fresh cinnamon. Followed by a sea salt exfoliation, and polished with a white velvet butter cream-scented whipped shea butter massage- then completed with classic mani-pedi steps.

smore-indulgence-logoS’more Indulgence sounds tasty but as a mani-pedi, it joins together the two best things- dessert and pampering. A hot butter Brulee milk soak moisturizes, then a dark chocolate mask is applied with antioxidant rich enzymes. Followed by a sweet cream sea salt exfoliation, caramel body milk massage and classic mani-pedi steps.

These sweet treats won’t last for long or don’t let this special offer melt away. Be sure to visit to learn more.

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