Summer and a Scoop Never Tasted So Yummy!

Who knew that ice cream and a manicure and pedicure could taste so good! Sandal season is upon us and we need to keep our hands and toes looking their best. To help us do just that, this summer, Eleven Spa of Delray Beach is teaming up with local ice cream shop Kilwin’s to offer a delectable spa experience, The Kilwin’s Ice Cream Mani/Pedi. For just $99 this treat can’t be beat. The Neapolitan inspired Manicure and Pedicure starts off with Strawberry Hydration Oil, followed by a Chocolate Exfoliating Scrub to smooth your skin on your hands and feet, and the cherry on top is that you are then massaged with Vanilla Butter. You leave feeling and smelling amazing. For dessert…ice cream of course. A free scoop of ice cream at Kilwin’s to seal the deal. Sounds pretty sweet to me!

Visit the Eleven Spa website to learn more about this and other special summer offerings.

About Eleven Spa: Eleven Spa is 11,000 square feet of decadence with a courtyard that leads to seven outdoor cabanas, a tanning pool and private Sobe style -lounge areas for men and women.

In the Vegas area, visit their newest location, 22,000 square-foot ELEVEN on The Strip.


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One response to “Summer and a Scoop Never Tasted So Yummy!

  1. Onieda

    Thanks for the scoop! I loved the Kilwin’s Ice Cream Pedicure and Manicure Special at Eleven. I have received many nail services and I really have to say this one takes the cake!

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