The Unity Massage Experience at the Ritz-Carlton Spa Key Biscayne

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Today was my most memorable massage experience to date. Sure I got to enjoy the surroundings of a luxurious spa with all the spa goodies like whirlpool, steam room, fitness room, and sauna. But this time was different because I got to enjoy it with my husband, David.  

We found ourselves embarking on an interactive spa experience like no other. The Unity Massage is a new concept at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne.  It is a treatment, an enlightening interactive experience, and a lesson all-in-one. While enjoying a relaxing massage administered by a Licensed Massage Therapist you can learn massage techniques and aid in the spa experience that your partner is enjoying.

Anja Vie, our Massage Therapist is a skilled professional with 20 years of experience and offered us a wealth of knowledge that she shared with us for 50 minutes of fun, learn and de-stressing. Anja, with me as her “assistant”, gave David a relaxing massage using the Baborganic Wellness Candle, that doubles as a massage skin balm. Step by step, Anja showed me how to massage David’s shoulders, neck, face, back and legs. So while David got to enjoy a massage, he also got to enjoy that I was helping in the process. Also, he could look forward to future massages at home with my newly learned skills.

Next it was my turn to get massaged. David seemed to be well practiced at the art of massage. Anja was quite impressed by his skills and she said he was a “natural”. David assisted Anja and learned new skills at the same time giving me a soothing massage to the feet, neck and back. He tried out his new thai stretching massage techniques, some reflexology on my feet and swedish massage using his fingers, elbows and hands.

Anja’s was happy to share her vast knowledge with us by answering any questions we had about massage. The experience was so enjoyable, that 50 minutes seemed to flash by.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne gave us the Baborganic Wellness Candle used during your massage as a gift to take home with us. We both can’t wait to try out our new skills on each other for future enjoyable experiences to come. David says it was a tremendous experience the he won’t soon forget. I feel it brought us closer together and was something extraordinary we could share together.

To learn more about this interactive educational experience just for two or to book your Unity Massage call 305.365.4197.  Click here to read more about this experience.


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