Simple steps to flawless looking skin with KSS Professional Makeup

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I recently discovered a line of mineral make up foundation that I could not resist sharing with readers everywhere. During a recent facial, the licensed Esthetician pointed out to me that I had very clogged pores. She said that this was attributed to my makeup or foundation that I was using at the time.  I was using pricey Lancôme liquid foundation and she explained to me that the liquid foundation clogs the pores and does not allow the skin to breathe. She suggested I look into mineral make up and that is exactly what I did.

I stumbled upon a brand of mineral make up called KSS Professional loose mineral powder foundation and I have been using it for about two months now. I am sure your first question is why didn’t I immediately run out and buy the  most popular brand on the market today, Bare Escentuals. I have tried that brand before and found it to give me an ashy dry appearance. In fact, the leading brand contains things in it that my expensive Lancôme foundation have in it, and those are unnatural ingredients like talc, bismuth oxychloride, carmines, dyes, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, or nanoparticles that were clogging my pores in the first place.

In my research I found the ingredients KSS Professional uses are of the highest grade and primarily consist of titanium, iron and zinc oxides. These natural ingredients will NOT clog pores but will actually have a positive effect on your face because they act as a sunscreen ranging from 30SPF to 50 SPF dependent on which shade you choose.

Even the brush that you use to apply your KSS loose mineral foundation is a step above the competition. The Custom Foundation Brush is a vegan, short-handled, flat-top brush, specially designed to handle the dense pigment minerals. With this soft, luxurious brush not one bristle has ever become loose. This brush is essential in the proper application of KSS makeup and I am for certain by the way the brush has held up that I won’t need to replace it any time soon.

With KSS Professional loose mineral foundation powder it is just three steps to flawless, healthy, smooth-looking skin.

Step One:

Apply the Custom Formulated Toner

Choose from the Corrective Toner has a ph which reduces inflammation, decreases breakouts, and balances the oil in your face. I do not have acne so I use the Gentle Toner for normal, dry or sensitive skin types.  Using toner before applying your foundation makes for a clean and balanced canvas. KSS suggests using gauze instead of cotton balls to apply and the tip is definitely great. You don’t get those loose fibers that cotton often leaves behind.  I really like the toner before use because it leaves my skin free of impurities before application of the makeup.

Step Two:

Apply the Loose Mineral Foundation in the color of your choice (comes in 9 shades)

With the vegan brush you simply dip your brush in the powder, swirl and tap to get off excess powder and apply in a circular motion to the face. You don’t need a lot of powder to get maximum coverage. There are so many shades to choose from that you are sure to get a great match to your skin color.

Step Three:

Apply the Universal Powder of your choice

Sheer Loose Mineral Powder that comes in 3 shades that I use to set my makeup and leaves me with a finished appearance.

With KSS professional make up I get the coverage that I need to make my skin look radiant and flawless without the ashy look that I had from the other mineral makeup foundation I tried. Plus I get SPF 50 so I don’t need to buy an extra cream just for that.  While Bare Escentuals costs about $85 for their starter set. This set is about $20 less than that and is more reasonably priced.  I get no cakey or dry look.  My skin just looks healthy and it feels like there is nothing on my face so I know I am not clogging my pores any more. This make up just has five all natural ingredients in it and now my skin can finally breathe!

To get healthy, flawless skin too visit their online store and get 10% off new orders – use coupon code 10AXBFirst at checkout! To learn more visit


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