A purely blissful experience at Pure Bliss Day Spa Jupiter

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After moving this past weekend I was in need of some R & R so I headed over to Pure Bliss Day Spa in Jupiter on Tony Penna Drive. I had the pleasure of experiencing their Pure Bliss Day at the Beach. The experience was a combination of services rolled into one amazingly relaxing treatment all customized with touches of a day at the beach.

The treatment consisted of three phases to include:

1) Exfoliation (30 minutes) – The exfoliation was a thirty minute process that included dry brushing first of the body front and back. Then it lead into a thorough massage using a delightful Coconut Sugar Rub by Pure Fiji. It smelled like the suntan oil you remember growing up with as kid. Kim, my talented Licensed Massage Therapist used long strokes to apply the rub and even added in some ground pumice to make it a more coarse exfoliant.

2) Massage (60 minutes) – After taking a quick rinse in the shower to rid myself of any excess scrub I received a honey drizzle massage using warm honey. The honey felt interesting on my back and allowed Kim more traction as she massaged my back, shoulders and neck area. Then she proceeded with a thorough full body massage using swedish techniques and deep tissue massage in the areas that needed it more using a combination of Coconut Milk and Honey Pure Fiji Body Butter as well as Oil.

3) Body Wrap (30 minutes) – Kim drenched my body front and back in a Coconut Milk and then wrapped my body carefully in a couple different layers paying careful attention to leave my arms unbound due to my claustrophic nature. This ultimately allowed me to thoroughly relax while I listened to the sound of ocean waves and music being piped into the treatment suite. At other spas I have visited in the past,  the therapist normally leaves the room while the wrap portion of the treatment takes place, but Kim stayed the entire thirty minutes to give me an invigorating scalp massage plus an enjoyable foot massage! Cooling eye pillows with a warm aromatherapy neck wrap were nice touches and unexpected add-ons.  

Things you should know about Pure Bliss Day Spa:

  • Menu items and services are constantly updated based on trends, hot products or seasonality
  • Things like cooling eye pillows, pure honey drizzle back massages, scalp massages and foot massages are often considered an add-on to your treatment but they include these extras as part of the service. Also
  • Instead of the usual 50 minute treatment time guest enjoy 60 minutes per treatment
  • Whichever treatment you choose you are sure to experience Pure Bliss!

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