First Aid Beauty to the rescue with 5 in 1 Restore Cream

5 in 1 Restore Cream by First Aid Beauty (FAB) is not just your average face cream. After a pretty bad case of sunburn due to a random trip to the tanning bed I thought for sure I was going to “lose my face”. In the past with sunburn of this magnitude I experienced unsightly peeling for days which mixed with my foundation is always a beauty disaster.

After only about four days of using 5 in 1 Restore Cream I had very noticeable results not only when I touched my face but with the appearance of my skin as well. The dry scaly patches on my forehead vanished and my skin felt smoother and softer to the
touch. I also noticed an overall radiance to my skin tone that was not there before.  Best of all I  avoided any peeling all together!

What I LOVE about 5 in 1 Restore Cream:

  • It has the consistency of a very rich creamy night time moisturizer but without the usual greasiness. Instead of just using the cream before bed I actually use it during the day time as well, for double the results.
  • It does not feel heavy or cumbersome on my skin.
  • It literally gets absorbed into the skin on contact. I can put it on and then immediately follow with my foundation.
  • It is formulated without chemicals like parabens, sulfates, dyes and fragrances so I know I am using a pure product on my skin.

5 in 1 Restore Cream by FAB is NOT your average moisturizer it is formulated to offer you five different benefits, (hence the name 5 in 1):

1) Reduces appearance of wrinkles

2) Improve radiance

3) Correct uneven skin tone

4) Nourish and moisturize

5) Combat free radicals

What Else you should know:
Ideal for all skin types, this product is safe for even the most sensitive skin. It’s allergy-tested,  dermatologist-recommended, and contains First Aid Beauty’s Antioxidant Booster to combat free radicals.

Where to Buy It: You can buy the entire First Aid Beauty Line of products exclusively at  any Sephora location or via the First Aid Beauty online store . And no it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 5 in 1 Restore Cream by F-A-B is just $38 dollars.


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