Learn the art of fragrance combining at Jo Malone Boutique, Saks Fifth Avenue

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This week I had the opportunity to learn the art of fragrance combining from the expert team of fragrance stylists at the Jo Malone Boutique in the luxurious surroundings of Saks Fifth Avenue, in The Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida locale.  Anne and Sherry, are not simply designer fragrance sales representatives but rather Fragrance Stylists that  shared their expertise allowing me along and a small group of friends to experience the art of fragrance combining first hand. They lead us on a sensorial journey creating signature scents true to our personalities and preferences.

The first step of this uniquely pampering experience was answering a brief fragrance personality quiz. It was determined that my scent preference would be light floral.  Sherry offered me a complimentary hand and arm massage layering English Pear and Freesia bath oil first, continuing with a layer of body cream and lastly adding a layer of Nectarine Honey Blossom Cologne atop. The layers together created a delightful, custom creation that suited my preferences and my fragrance personality just perfectly. I could not stop smelling my arm. I was in love all over again just like the first time my nose met up with Nectarine Honey Blossom. Jo Malone’s concept of Fragrance Combining™ allows each person to become a fragrance artist, mixing and matching the different scents to suit  your mood, personality, or season just like you would mix and match clothing or accessories.

After an encounter with  Jo Malone’s  Nectarine Honey Blossome Cologne at a the Boutique in the Wynn Las Vegas I have been hooked on the fragrance collection ever since.  An avid collector of perfumes since my teens, I no longer have interest in any of the other perfume brands! I now have seven bottles of Jo Malone cologne and the possibilities are endless. I could virtually blend my way to an endless array of possible fragrance combinations using an individual scent like Vanilla and Anise on its own or by taking two or three different scents and layering them together. Check out the fragrance combining menu for suggested combos or invent your own.

Jo Malone scents range from Citrus to Fruity to Spicy to Woody. Or in Floral or Light Floral. All colognes and products in the line come elegantly wrapped in a cream and black gift boxes and bags and are tied with a satin black ribbon making them a beautifully presented gift as well. The full line of products is available at Jo Malone Boutiques, online or at Saks Fifth Avenue.

To experience the collection for yourself, visit Sherry or Anne at the Saks Fifth Avenue for a complimentary fragrance consultation. You too, can enjoy a complimentary hand/arm massage, a Scent Surround experience ( a home fragrance demonstration) or a Fragrance Combining consultation. Be sure to introduce your senses to the delightfully aromatic world of Jo Malone. Check out the full line of bath, body and home products next time you visit the Gardens Mall or any Saks Fifth Avenue. You will thank me for it!


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