A Refreshing look at Water in Spa Water: a Guide to Creating World Class Spa Water at Home

As my little stepdaughter, Shaelin, says “water cleans your body on the inside” and even the little three year old toddler realizes the benefits of drinking water every day. Author Pam Wenzel has made a career of touting the benefits of healthy hydration with book Spa Water: a Guide to Creating World Class Spa Water at Home (Brown Books Publishing Group). The book offers readers a collection of twenty-two refreshing recipes shared by award winning spas from around the world.
A growing trend in many resort-style spas is to rely on the expertise of a spa water chef to create unique spa waters that not only replenish but enhance relaxation. But now with this gorgeous coffee table book or the Spa Water app there is no need to wait for a trip to the spa. You can create healthy, eye pleasing and delicious spa water at home. Not only does she give you mouthwatering suggestions for recipes she spent years researching internationally but she also suggests elegant ways to present the water in your home with various beverage servers or dispensers, or oversized wine or water glasses as this makes a great conversational showpiece for entertaining guests. Page by page her recipes are illustrated with gorgeous colorful photography all suggesting different ideas for presenting you water in your own home. The book is so gorgeous my copy is presented as home décor in my living room as I placed it on a silver wrought iron easel with its lovely pool blue tassel bookmark.

Spa Water Tip from Author Pam Wenzel:  Be sure to keep your fruit and herb infused waters chilled at all times or refrigerated. After the second day, remove the fruit. You can still enjoy the water if you keep it refrigerated. Depending on which fruit combinations you are using, the fruit can also be blended with vinegar, olive oil and a touch of honey to make salad dressing or even be added to your favorite smoothie recipe.
To learn more visit: www.myspawater.com.


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