Spa Water Bottle is best water bottle on the market

Spa Water Bottle lets you add loose teas, fruit, herbs and more to create your own spa water recipes, hot or cold

Why drink sugary, caloric beverages with artificial flavors when you can enjoy fresh natural water with natural flavors like cantaloupe, strawberry, lemons, limes, mint leaves and oranges? Infuse your water with a portable Spa Water Bottle from

What sets this water bottle apart from all others water bottles? It is double-walled stainless steel with a  hot and cold vacuum seal. With a no leak flip top lid you can enjoy ice cold or hot hydration on the go. Plus it is specially equipped with a removable fruit and tea strainer allowing you to infuse your everyday tap water with fruit, herbs or even loose tea.  Forget artificially sweetened Crystal Light, MIO, sports drinks or soft drinks. With the Spa Water Bottle, you get  refreshing hydration in the most natural way possible!

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Spa Water Bottle retails for $26

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