Aging gracefully by Author Valerie Ramsey

This post comes to us from new Contributing Editor, Valerie Ramsey, Author and International Model…

To quote the incomparable George Burns who lived to see his 100thbirthday…..  “We can’t help getting older, but we can help getting old.”

 It’s simply not true that we have to look at advancing birthdays with a sense of dread.  We can and should continue to explore life, challenge ourselves, and look around the corner to see what’s next.  Some of us are climbing mountains, some are starting new businesses, and some are raising grandchildren or even starting a second family.

To age gracefully means three things to me:

It has everything to do with our inner attitude and gratitude toward life.  It means having curiosity and an inquisitive mind, and it means living a life filled with joy and vitality.  It has as much to do with our spiritual and intellectual beings as it does our physical bodies.  Living an enriched life is the essence of living life to the fullest, and if you can do so with grace, all the better.

Aging gracefully means so many things – not the least of which is loving yourself enough to take care of yourself.

Looking and feeling your very best takes some effort and discipline, but the rewards are extraordinary.  A healthy diet, proper exercise, and sleep are all key ingredients.  So is a good skin regimen to keep that beautiful glow in your cheeks and the wrinkles at bay. In short, aging gracefully means being your most natural, healthy, well cared for self.

I don’t want to end it there, however…. Because if we are to age with joy and vitality, we certainly need to have our fill of all of life’s pleasures…. A wonderful meal with friends that includes a bottle of wine and an outrageously decadent dessert, unforgettable evenings where we have lingered on much too late and totally abandoned the seven hours of sleep idea, and days where we skip the gym and go wherever the spirit moves us.  Life is meant to be relished and enjoyed to the fullest, creating magnificently happy memories along the way.  It means, too, giving of ourselves and sharing the best of what we are with others.

As we go through life, if we can learn to navigate the peaks and valleys with a positive attitude, not allowing negative thoughts and undue stress to get the better of us, we will have gone a long way towards aging with grace.

In conclusion, aging gracefully means arriving at the mountaintop full of joy and laughter with love in our hearts, gratitude for all of life’s gifts, and rich with the wisdom we have acquired along the way.  It means having a wealth of happy memories to draw upon and looking forward with eager anticipation to more to come.  In other words…. To looking around that corner to see What’s Next.

To read more about aging gracefully be sure to check out Valerie Ramsey’s book, Gracefully – Looking & Being Your Best at Any Age. Be sure to visit Lady Spa Spa’s Beauty Blog regularly to see what’s next from Valerie Ramsey, new contributing editor. 


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