Product Picks: Lady Spa Spa loves Rodan + Fields

Lady Spa Spa just loves Rodan + Fields Dermatology line and here’s why. These two clever female Doctors; Doctor Katie Rodan and Doctor Kathie Fields invented the top global anti-acne remedy Proactiv Solution soon after leaving Stanford Medical School 15 years ago. This is STILL the “go to” solution for acne sufferers worldwide. Well, now they have invented a new ANTI AGE Dermatology line so that Lady Spa Spa followers can enjoy true dermatological solutions at  local spas….

Whether you look in the mirror and hate your wrinkles, sun damage (a big one for us Floridians), acne or irritated skin, the Doctors have a clinically proven solution for you available without a prescription. Lady Spa Spa tried the Anti Age regimen for wrinkles and sagging skin and saw a dramatic improvement in only 10 days. The Doctors call their Anti-Age Night Renewing Serum “Spanx for the skin” and we see why!

Lady Spa Spa predicts these products will soon be in your local favorite spa. Remember where you heard about it first!  However, if your skin just can’t wait that long, click here  to try the Doctor’s Solution Tool which is a fun, interactive way to find out what regimen is best suited for your skin concerns. You can also order the right regimen from this site too!


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