Fight dry skin right in your own kitchen

Winter wreaks havoc on the skin, turning even the most moisturized of skin into a leathery mess. No matter how much lotion or moisturizer you add to your skin, you will still see the effects of the cold, winter air everywhere you go. Most moisturizers only hydrate the top layer of the skin, and those products do not reach deep into the hidden areas of the skin. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season leaves limited time in our busy schedules for a trip to the spa. But believe it or not, you can fight back against dry winter skin right in your own kitchen! Natural ingredients, like those used at the popular SkA:nÁ: Spa in Upstate New York are excellent ingredients for a DIY treatment.

There are a number of products that you can use during the dryer winter months to combat dry skin, including Greek yogurt. This low-fat product might taste great at breakfast when topped with some fresh fruit, but it also contains a large number of bacterium. The bacteria found in the yogurt helps the body absorb more nutrients, which can reduce the appearance of dry skin. As an added bonus, Greek yogurt also kickstarts the immune system to help the body heal from damage and injuries!

Another superfood that works really well on dry skin is avocado. Avocados have natural oils that your skin absorbs, creating a healthy glow during the harsh winter months.You can increase the effects of the avocado by mixing it with papaya, which contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C. These vitamins improve the elasticity of your skin, making it look healthier and more vibrant. Some homeopathic enthusiasts also swear by banana. Bananas contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals that help skin bounce back from damage caused by the cold air.

The easiest way to fight back against winter is with a mask containing these superfoods and here’s how:

1) First, clean your face with a neutral cleanser that won’t dry out the skin, and gently pat your skin dry with a soft cloth. Remove the skin from an avocado, and mash the pulp in a small bowl.

2) Add equal parts avocado, banana, and Greek Yogurt together to form a thick paste.

3) Apply the mask to your skin, letting it sit for five to ten minutes. The mask should form a crust on the top layer. Gently wipe away the avocado mask mixture and rinse your skin with warm water.

These homemade remedies will give you back the smooth and silky soft skin that you had in the summer, and the mark slowly helps your body resist those harsh days.



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