Guest Expert Natalie New: 5 Easy Steps to your Perfect at Home Manicure


natalie newYou have  rushed all week and now that event or party is already here and you had no time to spare for a spa appointment. Don’t despair, Natalie is her to save the day and share with us five easy steps for an at home mani that will definitely do the trick and in no time!



Step 1: Begin by removing your old nail polish with non-acetone. Healthy tip: Avoid acetone products as they dry your nail bed.

Step 2: Gently clip the nails straight across just above the skin. Now file, slightly rounding the corners. As professionals we call this is a “squoval”. Square on top with rounded corners. Healthy tip: File from the outside to the center using a soft grit nail file to avoid tearing the nail.

Step 3: Fill a dish with warm soapy water or give yourself a hot oil manicure. Healthy Tip: Warm olive oil from the kitchen warmed in the microwave for one minute works great. Soak for 1-2 minutes in warm water or oil. Remove, dry gently, and while you are at it give yourself a homemade hand scrub using 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water.

avoplexStep 4: Using an orangewood stick wrapped in cotton, gently push back the cuticles from the nail. With cuticle nippers trim hangnails (avoid cutting your cuticle to prevent infection). Apply cuticle oil and massage your favorite handcream. Healthy Tip: We suggest OPI Avoplex; we use this at the Salon at PGA National. It hydrates and replenishes the cuticle with the antioxidant of Vitamin E, plus avocado, sunflower, sesame and kukui nut oils Additionally we recommend Phytomer Hyrdracontinue Moisturizing Handcreme gives your hands a protective barrier against elements while helping to soothe and repair dry skin. It is formulated with natural marine extracts that help skin to retain moisture for long lasting comfort. The skin feels creamy and comfortable.

Once moisturized, remove oils from the nail bed with cotton wrapped orangewood stick dipped in non acetone, cleaning under nail too.


Opi-Nail-EnvyStep 5: Now you are ready to apply your favorite polish. Begin by using basecoat or your favorite nail strengthener. Healthy Tip: OPI original Nail Envy is an excellent choice for a top coat and OPI always has an amazing selection of colored lacquers.

Once coat down the middle and then one on each side, from the bottom of the nail to the top. Allow to dry one minute and proceed to your favorite nail color.

Apply, just like your basecoat, and tip the color along the edge of nail. This prolongs the color from chipping. Wait one minute and apply second coat of color. If there are any dots of color around nail bed clean up using your cotton wrapped orangewood stick or use a nail brush.


OPIDripDry Finally, apply a top coat. Healthy Tip: Our favorite is Seche Vite. It’s a dry fast top coat which also happens to leave a beautiful sheen.Wait two minutes and finish with OPI Drip Dry Drops. These quick drying drops get you on your way in just ten minutes.




These easy steps will keep your nails in tip top shape between salon visits. All products mentioned in this article can be purchased at the retail boutique at the Spa at PGA National.

This article’s content was provided by Natalie New. She is a Senior Nail Technician at The Salon at PGA National. To meet Natalie or set up an appointment for a professional manicure or pedicure or specialty nail service with her at the Spa at PGA call 561-627-3111.


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