Summer Beauty Series from the Spa at PGA National Tip #1: Fight Chlorine and Saltwater

Summer Beauty Tip #1: Fight Chlorine & Saltwater Hair

Hair ArticleAs Floridians, there’s no avoiding diving into the ocean or a pool during the heat of the summer. As refreshing as it may be, unfortunately spending too much time in the water can take a serious toll on your hair. The saltwater from the ocean and the chlorine from the pools are notorious for drying out our luscious locks.

The good news is the damaging effects from the salt water or chlorine can be avoidable. Apparently, the summer secret to the damage is simply applying apple cider vinegar.

Maria Salamis, Master Stylist  from The Salon at PGA National reveals summer hair remedies. “Finish your swim, shampoo with your favorite shampoo, and rinse with ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with ¾ cup water to help cleanse your hair. Then follow with a deep conditioner. Leave in for a few minutes, and continue styling,” Salamis said.

Make sure to stop by the Salon at PGA National for hair treatments,expert hair advice or a great selection of professional salon products for the summer!

Special thanks to Guest Blogger: Gabriella M. Vaccaro and Hair Expert Maria Salamis.


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