Getting the most out of your lash extensions

lash extensionsLovely eyelashes are such lovely things and lovely lash extensions can make them even more lovely in the blink of an eye (pardon the pun). To get the best results you need to take care of them though, otherwise you might end up looking like a hot mess. That could be the look you’re going for, but if it’s not, follow these tips and they should stay looking neat and classy for a while.

• There are lots of different types of lashes, that will make different shapes around your eyes. Consider the shape of your face and pick a shape that will look natural.

• Do your lash extensions with a professional lash expert like Lash Design. They are risky to put on, you don’t want to damage your natural lashes, so spring for a professional job or just don’t do them at all.

• Keep them dry! For as long as possible after application! They’re stuck on with glue after all.

• I know it’s hard, but you must resist the urge to play with your lashes. It will take a few hours to get used to the feeling of having them stuck to your lids. Playing with them will weaken them. Don’t do it!

• Similarly, avoid putting mascara on them. You shouldn’t need it after you’ve applied extensions.

• Pick the right colour to make them look as natural as possible.

• If you are prone to allergic reactions, go and see your beautician the day before the application and test the glue out on your skin.

Enjoy them!

Special thanks to guest blogger, Lash Extension Specialist, Danielle Mcann, from in Australia.


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