Applying the right eye shadow by Guest Blogger Alyson Sichenzia

We all have our own eye shape, that’s what makes us who we are. There are almond, oval, round, sunken, deep-set. When I work on a client I look at the shape and color of their eyes. For blue eyes I use gold, silver, brown, or plum. For hazel or green eyes use green, gold, teal, or metallic. Brown eyes can pretty much use any color!

There are easy steps to take to get the perfect eye makeup:

 1) Apply  an eye primer eye makeupor base to hold your shadow in place for the whole day especially in summer time because we  sweat and the eye makeup will disappear. This will also help your eyeliner to not crease.
2) Using  a flat synthetic short-haired brush (preferably Luka cosmetics brushes that are anti microbial) apply a light-colored shadow like gold or beige to lid of eye.
3) Take a crease brush that is a short-haired ,fluffy and oval and apply a darker color like brown or plum (not too dark)
4) Apply  a light shimmer shadow to brow bone to highlight and brighten the eyes! Using a lot of dark color will create a dark circle around entire eye.
Keep reading my blogs and stay beautiful! Visit Alyson at on location at the Spa at PGA National.

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