A makeup bible, a post by guest beauty expert Alyson Sichenzia


There is a book called “Do Not Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me” byPaula Begoun. Have you heard about it?

makeup counter without meWell, if you haven’t it truly is a makeup bible! You can find this book at most Barnes and Nobles. When I heard about this book I knew I had to own it. Being a makeup artist I always want to be aware of what’s in all the products I use on my body and face or am looking to purchase, especially since most products don’t do what they are supposed to or promise to do! Working as a makeup artist for MAC for two years and now for Luka cosmetics has showed me a thing or two about product knowledge!


For women who want to look beautiful and save money, this book helps them make wise cosmetic and skin-care decisions. This book helps women find products that make them look great without spending a fortune. Know your stuff! Know what’s in the products you use. Being aware is important as some products may not be so great for you and you only have one body!


When I do make up applications on my clients I make sure I share with them the ingredients, benefits, and advantages of the products. I listen to what they want and not what I want to apply on them! At the end of the day most of my clients want healthy good-for-you products that last and have a multiple purpose. This allows consumers to get the most bang for their buck.


photo (2)


Thanks for reading… Be sure to stop by Luka Cosmetics Make Up and Lash Bar. Get your makeup done with me at the Spa at PGA National  located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where I am the resident make up artist on site.



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