Makeup Essentials a post by guest beauty expert Alyson Sichenzia

luka cosmeticsThere are a few basic makeup preparation essentials you will definitely miss depending on your everyday local cosmetic shops without guidance from a makeup professional.These are the essential daily foundations for a beautiful, long-lasting makeup application, so don’t neglect them ladies.

It’s a crime if you don’t prime! Primer is the number one product to a successful makeup application. Without it, your makeup will be dull and start to breakdown throughout the day!

-Eye base is the key to an eye-popping shadow application ! Eye makeup is the first to wear off on your face, an eye base or primer will be the trick to both eyeliner and shadow staying put!

-Luscious long lashes are the way to go! Lash primer will extend your lashes and prep your mascara leaving a fuller lash look!

-Setting powder sets your entire day and keeps your face on! Use a sheer and light setting powder to hold your makeup in place all day long.

Thanks for reading… Be sure to stop by Luka Cosmetics Make Up and Lash Bar. Get your makeup done by Alyson at the Spa at PGA National located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where she’s the resident makeup artist on site.

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