Lady Spa Spa Loves It: Clarisonic’s new Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation

Pedi_1000x1000_Pedi_KitNow you can pamper those tootsies daily with the newest and latest technology from Clarisonic. The Sonic Foot Smoothing System known as Pedi just hit stores last month and is making waves.  I know for a fact that Clarisonic’s new Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation system works miracles because I tested it out on my husbands dry, rough  and might I say Yucky callused feet for starters. In three easy steps his feet were left buffed, hydrated and no longer dry and crusty. The result was smooth, soft and moisturized feet and toes. This transformation happened in just three easy steps.

1) Step one I used the Pedi Smoothing Disc on the dry feet to buff away the dryness for about one minute. You can kind of consider this similar to a sanding device. You could literally see the white dust which is the dry skin coming off  in the air.

2) Step two Pedi-Buff treatment used in conjunction with the  Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head: I wet the brush head and then used a  quarter-sized amount of Pedi-Buff on  the feet, then used the moistened Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head to massage into skin for 2 minutes on each foot.

3) Next, I rinsed off any excess product from the wet/dry brush head and applied the Pedi-Boost to each foot followed by the Pedi-Balm product a few minutes later.

My husband is the type of guy that needs to invest in a pedicure every so often to get rid of the dryness and get his feet in shape for sandals but with this new tool there really would be no need to spend the money on a professional pedicure. His feet were left smooth and looked like he just left the salon.. No more visible dryness or white areas on his heels or big toe.

Clarisonic’s new Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation system is another great DIY tool for those in between visits to the spa or for those who just plain like to do their own at home pedicures and not bother with monthly pedis. Make it part of your daily regime or an intensive treatment for those bouts where its been a while and you just have not had the time for a professional pedicure. For the $199 price tag for the system you are getting the base, the wet/dry buffing brush, the smoothing disc, and three products: Pedi-Buff which is an exfoliant, Pedi-Balm which is a light lotion, and Pedi-Boost a peel that contains lactic and glycollic acid to slough and remove dead skin cells.

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