Bed Time Skin Care Regime By Beauty Guru Alyson Sichenzia

skin-care-productsNight time skin care should be the most vital part of your daily regimen considering that when you’re getting rest is when your skin takes the time to repair itself due to the lack of radicals it is presented with! A simple, hassle free routine is all that is needed to see instant and lasting results for your entire body!

 Step 1) Use a Clarisonic spin tool to cleanse your entire face with a cream or foaming wash on a low cycle.

Step 2) Using a hypoallergenic cleansing wipe, remove any excess residue on your face, paying close attention to the area around your eyes.

Step 3) Look for a night cream that is oil free to apply generously to your chest, neck and face. Our featured Epicurean skin care products from the Spa at PGA National are ideal!

Step 4) Apply an anti aging under eye night cream that will aid in reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Step 5) Put on your favorite pajamas and enjoy a restful night’s sleep!

Staying true and dedicated to this night time skin regimen will have you seeing a guaranteed glow in your skin’s appearance!

Visit Alyson of Luka Cosmetics at either of two locations, Spa at PGA National or the Downtown at the Gardens location to learn more about nightly skin care and what will work for you!


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