Shape up with The Browgal now at the Spa at PGA National

shape up your brows with The Browgal by Tonya Crooks

shape up your brows with The Browgal by Tonya Crooks

There’s a new gal in town. The Browgal that is… Selected by Allure Magazine as the best place for brows and directly from Los Angeles, The Browgal by Tonya Crooks has a new location inside the Spa at PGA National right here in Palm Beach Gardens.

The BrowGal is an innovative line of eyebrow products designed by Los Angeles based celebrity eyebrow expert and makeup artist, Tonya Crooks. Boasting a highly coveted client list including Megan Fox, Fergie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Mendes, LeAnne Rhimes, Britney Spears, amongst others, Tonya has spent the last 10 years designing these tools and products that she wants to share with the general consumer.
They have a brow pencil with a color range to fit all customers and focus solely on brows, with a detailed educational component.  The BrowGal does not utilize stencils but provides education to customers that allows everyone to use their products to shape perfect brows that fit their unique facial structure in between professional appointments. They teach their clients how to find the correct shape for their face, whether it is an arch, an arc or a straight brow, and do not have them try to manicure the coveted arch which might not fit their face and give them that permanent surprised look. All products are multifunctional. The gel can set mascara and waterproof it, and our highlighter pencil can act as a cover-up, all designed for the person on the move.
All brow artists are estheticians who have the cache of working on celebs and have been personally trained by founder, Tonya.



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