Beauty is skin deep by Beauty contributor Alyson Sichenzia

Beauty is only skin deep ladies and what is a better time than now to show off what your mamma gave ya! Being a makeup artist has taught me so much about not only beauty on the outside but beauty on the inside. alyson2It’s important to get plenty of nutrients on a daily basis to nourish our immune systems. The body needs electrolytes and antioxidants to feed off good energy throughout the day. During this time of year we can feel alot more run down and fatigued by the end of our work day. It’s crucial to start each day out right with a nutritious breakfast like a kale protein smoothie or an organic yogurt parfait.

That saying “you are what you eat,”  is totally correct if you are putting bad food into your body your skin will show it!  To be prepared, make your meals for the next day the night before so it’s less stressful in the morning. Believe me ladies this healthy way of life will show change in your skin and the way your skin feels.

Be sure to keep reading and consider making this your New Years resolution for 2015! What tips and tricks do you use to keep your skin looking and feeling good?

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