Skin Matters: Dermatologist Doctor Usmani does know best!

DR Usmani

Take your first steps toward a lifetime of healthy skin with Dr. Andleeb Usmani

I had the lovely opportunity to chat with Wellington based, Dr. Andleeb A. Usmani, this past weekend. Dr. Andleeb Usmani D.O., F.A.O.C.D, is a board certified Dermatologist, so if anybody knows about skin care and what is best for your skin, it is she. As the founder of Truderm Adult & Pediatric Dermatology & Skin Care Center, she specializes in all of the most technological advances in the field and it is privilege to be able to share some advice from her with my readers.

“Everybody’s skin is different so everybody has different needs” says Dr. Usmani. She offers a variety of facials with the the first step in deciding on the products or facials to offer is to determine which category the patient falls into. Everybody technically, falls into three different categories. For those with Normal to Oily skin she recommends cleansing, antioxidants, a sunscreen and a moisturizer.  Antioxidants are used to neutralize the skin in order to prevent wrinkling as well as adding nutrients like Vitamin A or Vitamin C to the skin. Clients with Sensitive or Acne Prone skin would want to choose a cleanser with Salycic Acid content to unclog pores or prevent further clogging. While more mature patients will want to focus on fighting wrinkles, diminishing age spots and brightening skin with Glycolic Cleansers or products with collagen building effects.

Once the category is determined she will treat the skin with the right facial for them and prescribe product favorites like Obagi and Skinceuticals. Cleansing two times per day, in the morning and before bed at home is essential. “If you do not cleanse in the evening you are at risk to clog your pores with all the makeup” and impurities built up throughout the day.

You can invest hundreds of dollars on creams, serums, spa treatments or medical spa procedures but to prevent wrinkles and reverse the aging process, you need to also invest in yourself at home.  A daily regime is essential!  So if you don’t take care of your “homework” then you will basically be “undoing everything you do.”

So for those of you that want your skin to be smooth and supple skin, be sure to consult with a Dermatologist like Dr. Usmani to determine your skin care prescription for a lifetime committment to healthy skin. When you invest money in facials or creams keep in mind if the expense is going to be beneficial based on your goals. Then be sure to maintain those goals at home!

TruDerm Dermatology of Wellington is located at 3319 FL-7 #202, Wellington, FL 33449. Dr. Usmanis offers complimentary consultations.



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