The secret to keeping long hair healthy

For those of you like me who have long hair or are all about trying to get longer, sleek hair this advice is just for you!  I don’t know about you but I am always looking to grow my hair out long. The longer the better I say. Who does not want to look like a Kardashian with long gorgeous locks?

Maria Salamis, Master Hair Designer claims  “Cutting more often” is the way to go… This seems like the opposite advice of what any girl wants to hear. But when it really boils down to it, the ends of long hair have been styled, colored & flat ironed so many times that they get dry, frizz and break quickly.

According to Maria, asking your stylist to just “snip” 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch every 6 weeks is the key to longer, healthier hair. This makes sense since your hair grows faster on average than this per month. This way  you won’t lose length but rather the dead hair that actually might break from the bottom up.  Maria says, ” If you wait too much longer between cuts, split ends could “re split”, which means you will have to trim MORE later on”.

Maria Salamis.

Expert advice provided by Master Hair Designer, Maria Salamis. Maria is available by appointment at the Salon at PGA National


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