Hair tips for men by Master Stylist Maria Salamis

So I know you hear all about hair tips for girls. What to do, what not to do, etc. We’ll, don’t worry I won’t ever ignore the fact that guys need to be aware of hair care as well. So, here’s five hair care tips for guys that are truly simple to do and maintain.

Maria Salamis, master stylist at the Salon at PGA National

Maria Salamis, Master Stylist at the Salon at PGA National

1) Treat your hair with care
Washing & drying is when hair gets the roughest treatment. Overwashing can actually dull hair by stripping away protective oils. Make your routine as gentle as possible. Use warm water, not hot. Blot hair with towel rather than scrubbing.

2) Watch the greasy stuff
Gels and other styling aids can create looks. Most contain polymers that is plastic dissolved in alcohol. Alcohol can weaken and strip hair of moisture and oils. Which can make hair weak. Pomades and waxes contain petroleum jelly and beeswax, which can damage if used too much. So… Look for water based products to help avoid these issues. Remember, a little goes a long way.

3) Match your shampoo to your hair type
If you have a scalp issue, whether it’s itchy or flaky, choose a treatment shampoo for dandruff. This could also be the result of not rinsing shampoo out well enough. Thin or fine hair, focus on choosing a Volume type shampoo. Dry, brittle hair look for a moisturizing option.

4) Get a haircut regularly
Making regular hair appointments help you stay on a routine to keep your style from being too shaggy. A standing appointment with your stylist would help with a regular routine.

5) Eat right and exercise
Eating a healthy diet is the ONLY way to nourish your hair. Biotin and Vitamin B promotes softness and strength. Exercise increases blood flow, delivering all those nutrients to your scalp.

To set up an appointment with Maria Salamis, Master Stylist, or one of the Salon at PGA National’s expert staff of spa and salon professionals call 561.627.3111 or learn more at Do you have a beauty, salon or spa question? Email and your question may be featured in an upcoming article or beauty post.


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