Six simple steps to looking your holiday best by Guest Blogger Alyson Sichenzia

article_new-years-eve-party_1Yes beautiful ladies it’s that time of year again to break out all those beautiful luscious reds, pinks, peaches, wine colors anything warm in your makeup drawer for the holiday season. This is truly my favorite time of year and a big time for makeup. There is so much you can do when it comes to makeup looks, especially for all those holiday parties, galas, Christmas gatherings, dinners, and more. I am always here to help during any time of year but if you’re going to look to me for help this is definitely the time of year to ask me for guidance.

As my holiday gift to you, I would like to give you a beautiful, easy flawless holiday makeup application that you can do in just 10 minutes. Here it is step by step:

Step 1: Apply a non-greasy makeup primer on whole face.

Step 2: Apply a flawless light weight foundation like Christian Dior Air flash, my favorite foundation right now.

Step 3: Contour your beautiful skin with a slightly shimmered bronzer and highlighter.

Step 4: Add eye primer to your eye lids and do a natural matte smokey eye.

Step 5: Apply mascara and your favorite light eye liner.

Step 6: Add a gorgeous red to your lips, matte or shiny, what ever you prefer.

I am always available to you for makeup tips and tricks. Please visit my website at and follow me on Instagram @alysichenzhearne and please send me comments and questions!

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