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Melt away holiday stress with Si Spa at the Palm Beach Marriott

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With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays-the traffic jams, the fighting for parking spaces at the mall and the pressures of finding that perfect gift for everybody on my list I needed a break. I headed to Si Spa at the Marriott Palm Beach on Singer Island, just about five miles from downtown Palm Beach Gardens to enjoy some “me time”. 

To celebrate the season, Si Spa is offering a selection of holiday specials that will delight the senses like their Gingerbread Exfoliation treatment. This Gingerbread body scrub is a treat-ment where a mix of gingerbread scented oils and salts are massaged into your body from head to toe by a Licensed Massage Therapist. First, a vichy shower placed above the massage table dampened my skin. Then the gingerbread scrub was massaged into my back, back of my legs, and back of my arms. Next the salts were rinsed off by a warm rain-like shower. The treatment continued next with the front of my arms, legs, hands and feet. The sensation of the warm shower, the invigorating application of scrub being massaged into every part of my body made me feel like I would melt. The aroma of gingerbread filled the air and scent lingered on afterwards leaving me with a smile on my face dreaming about Christmases past and to come.

This Gingerbread Body Scrub not only delights the senses but it also has benefits as well. During the winter/fall months skin tends to get dry, itchy and flaky. The exfoliating action of the sugars sloughed off dead skin cells allowing new skin cells to regenerate. The oils in the mixture  left behind on the skin after rinsing off left my skin nicely hydrated.   My skin felt smoother to the touch and rejuvenated.

Post treatment, the relaxation did not have to end as Si Spa guests are entitled to resort privileges.  Spa guests can enjoy a  lagoon pool with beach views, gorgeous azure Singer Island beach, a steam room with marble loungers, a fitness room or a meal at Solu Lagoon Grill poolside. I chose to enjoy the spa’s comfy relaxation room where I read a magazine and sipped on a glass of complimentary champagne served up by Spa Attendant, Virginia who is there to help you with anything you could possibly need throughout your Si Spa journey.

The Gingerbread Exfoliation and other holiday delights like it, won’t stick around forever.  They will only be offered through the month of December and January. For more information call 561.340.1755 or visit their website .

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Relax Aloha Style at the Maui Spa in Boca Raton

Hawaiian Bliss

Hawaiian Bliss at Maui Spa Boca Raton

Who knew you could get a taste of paradise right in your back yard! Just off Boca Raton Boulevard, you will find The Maui Spa, where Hawaiian is not just a decorative theme. There are plenty of reasons why this spa stands out from the rest, from their unique treatments to their tropical techniques.

Start your Hawaiian experience off with an aromatherapy foot soak, in the Kipahula room, while snacking on fresh pineapple, pink grapefruit and fresh orange slices. This relaxation area is dark with the illusion of stars on the ceiling. There are comfy sofas to kick back while you await your spa attendant. 

Then relax aloha style with a specialty Hawaiian massage technique called Lomi Lomi. It is said to be a “nurturing and deep form of Hawaiian massage is based on an ancient, shamanic rite of passage that was originally designed to enlighten the being in the physical body. A complete system of hands-on healing that includes flowing forearm techniques used to “rub out” stress contained within and balance the heart, mind and body.” 

Other must tries that will allow you to “taste” paradise include:

NiuPa’akai (Organic Sugar Scrub)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
With your choice of coconut, pineapple or mango this Sugar scrub will leave you with silky baby soft skin when they use fresh sugar cane crystals to gently buff away dull skin cells and unclog pores.  Fresh coconut milk and a blend of exotic nut oils hydrate and nourish your skin. (30 min/$65)                                                                                                               

Liliko’ I Laimi  (Passion Fruit)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Similar to the Sugar Scrub this treatment polishes your body using an exotic blend of passion fruit and lime. (30 min/$65)  

Wai Meli ( Honey)

 The body is exfoliated first with loofa and a plumeria, an authentic Hawaiian flower, shower gel. Then  warm organic honey is applied and gently massaged into the body. Then you are wrapped in a sheet and escorted  into the steam room allowing all the to penetrate your skin before rinsing. (30 min/$65)  

About Maui Spa:

The day spa and wellness center provides a full range of authentic, holistic wellness therapies true to the island of Maui amidst a Feng Shui balanced environment. Rooftop lunch service and yoga are unique offerings to the Maui Spa and Wellness Center along with their Hana Room. To learn more visit or call 561.395-7733.


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The Unity Massage Experience at the Ritz-Carlton Spa Key Biscayne

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Today was my most memorable massage experience to date. Sure I got to enjoy the surroundings of a luxurious spa with all the spa goodies like whirlpool, steam room, fitness room, and sauna. But this time was different because I got to enjoy it with my husband, David.  

We found ourselves embarking on an interactive spa experience like no other. The Unity Massage is a new concept at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne.  It is a treatment, an enlightening interactive experience, and a lesson all-in-one. While enjoying a relaxing massage administered by a Licensed Massage Therapist you can learn massage techniques and aid in the spa experience that your partner is enjoying.

Anja Vie, our Massage Therapist is a skilled professional with 20 years of experience and offered us a wealth of knowledge that she shared with us for 50 minutes of fun, learn and de-stressing. Anja, with me as her “assistant”, gave David a relaxing massage using the Baborganic Wellness Candle, that doubles as a massage skin balm. Step by step, Anja showed me how to massage David’s shoulders, neck, face, back and legs. So while David got to enjoy a massage, he also got to enjoy that I was helping in the process. Also, he could look forward to future massages at home with my newly learned skills.

Next it was my turn to get massaged. David seemed to be well practiced at the art of massage. Anja was quite impressed by his skills and she said he was a “natural”. David assisted Anja and learned new skills at the same time giving me a soothing massage to the feet, neck and back. He tried out his new thai stretching massage techniques, some reflexology on my feet and swedish massage using his fingers, elbows and hands.

Anja’s was happy to share her vast knowledge with us by answering any questions we had about massage. The experience was so enjoyable, that 50 minutes seemed to flash by.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne gave us the Baborganic Wellness Candle used during your massage as a gift to take home with us. We both can’t wait to try out our new skills on each other for future enjoyable experiences to come. David says it was a tremendous experience the he won’t soon forget. I feel it brought us closer together and was something extraordinary we could share together.

To learn more about this interactive educational experience just for two or to book your Unity Massage call 305.365.4197.  Click here to read more about this experience.

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A blissful massage experience at Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach Spa

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This past weekend, I was lucky enough to enjoy a luxurious and unforgettable signature massage treatment, the Palm Beach Massage. Available at the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach, the massage leaves you relaxed with a feeling of bliss.  Not one part of you will feel neglected at the hands of Massage Therapists like Patrick, in this heavenly 80 minutes.

The treatment began with a gentle facial massage using a combination of essentials oils with hints of key lime, sandalwood and vanilla. The aromatherapy immediately induced a feeling of calm and relaxation.  Next Patrick gave me a scalp massage using a Nioxin(R)  Deep Conditioner which left my scalp invigorated with a cool and tingly sensation that lasted throughout the remainder of the experience. My head was then wrapped, allowing the conditioner to soak in, while Patrick proceeded to the full body massage.

Patrick worked his way from my neck and shoulders, to my back and arms and then down to the legs, using a variety of massage techniques from Swedish to Deep Tissue. He also took into consideration my preferences, which he learned up front. Patrick was sure to ask me my preferences before the treatment started. I prefer a lighter touch and that is exactly what I received, as he alleviated every bit of tension in my body. The highlight of the treatment for me was the reflexology of the hands and feet. Reflexology includes pressure techniques, which are applied to the feet or hands, creating a sense of relaxation and improved circulation.

The combination of the three treatments in one 80 minute massage session left me with a blissful feeling. It was obvious to me that Patrick is a seasoned professional and expert at what he does. For more information about this heavenly massage experience, visit the website or call to book at 561.533.3715.

To read more about Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach Spa click here.

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See Immediate Results with the Transformation Resurfacing Facial at the Si Spa, Palm Beach Marriott

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After checking into the Si spa, located inside the impressive Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Resort and Spa, I was escorted by Spa Attendant Virginia to the women’s locker room to change into a robe and slippers. She delivered me to the Relaxation Room where I enjoyed some fruit -infused water. There was a selection of fruit and snacks or tea to choose from while I waited.

Diana, my friendly Esthetician came to pick me up and deliver me to my treatment suite. All the treatment rooms are named cleverly after bodies of water such as Sargasso like the Sea. I was left for a few minutes to disrobe and was lying in the cozy treatment bed when Diana returned and said “This is all about you, so tell me about yourself and your concerns”. I explained that I have concerns about clogged pores in my t-zone area and she said the treatment I was about to enjoy would relieve unwanted clogging as well as exfoliate dead skin cells and create a more youthful appearance by stimulating the collagen levels in my skin so it seemed I had chosen the perfect treatment for my needs.

The Transformation Resurfacing Facial included multiple steps and featured Skin Authority products:

Step One: A Glycolic Cleanser was massaged into my face, neck and décolleté area.

Step Two: Diana brushed on a pre-peel Glycosol which acts as a tonic on the skin. This had a cool feeling. 

Step Three: a Glycolic Acid solution was applied to the face, neck and décolleté using a brush and my skin immediately tingled and felt slightly hot but to alleviate any discomfort whatsoever Diana used a mini fan which made me forget about the peel on my face all together. I have never had a peel before so I was thinking it may hurt but it really was not uncomfortable at all.

Step Four: A cool towel was used to remove the peel and then a moisturizing Post Peel Baum was applied next.

Step Five: Diana examined the skin to check for any clogged pores or blackheads. She performed some very gentle extractions

Step Six: A Calming mask was applied. This Skin Authority mask exfoliates dead cells, clears clogged pores, and calms inflammation, a perfect product to reduce any irritation that may have been caused by the Glycolic Acid peel.

Step Seven: While the mask sunk into my skin I had the most wonderful scalp, hand and arm massage.

Step Eight: The dried mask was gently removed using warm wash cloths.

Step Nine:  The finale was a series of vitamins, moisturizer and sunscreen being massaged into my face, neck and décolleté. 

 Every step of the process was completely relaxing and all applications were gently and thoroughly massaged into the skin. Not only did this treatment leave me feeling fabulously spoiled but the results speak for themselves. Talk about instant gratification, I left the Si Spa with smooth, supple, radiant skin.  Plus the results will last. According to Diana, the glycolic acid peel will prevent future breakouts and will encourage the production of collagen in my skin to leave it soft and supple for days.

Just because my treatment was over did not mean the relaxation had to end. Si Spa guests can enjoy a lagoon pool, the breathtaking beach, a steam room with marble loungers, the fitness room or a meal at Solu Lagoon Grill while taking in gorgeous Palm Beach views.

Get your Si experience started by calling 561-340-1755 to book an appointment today. Click here to learn more.

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Get Celebrity Treatment at Anushka Spa, Salon and Cosmedical Centre, West Palm Beach

Located on the Penthouse level of Cityplace, you will find Anushka Spa, Salon and Cosmedical Centre, where guests can enjoy everything beauty.  Anushka prides herself with offering spa clients access to the “most talented innovators of the most cutting edge treatments” available today. Anushka’s high- level beauty team of experts know everything there is to know about the industry and bring it here to West Palm Beach.

Some of the top experts in the world are working at this incredible “12,000 sq. ft. beauty Mecca.”  Best of all, you don’t have  to be a celebrity to receive a service from this team because they offer reasonable pricing and amazing specials that Florida locals and visitors should be sure to take advantage of. 

1)    The owner and founder of the Anushka Spa, Salon and Cosmedical Centre is a celebrity in her own right.  Editors of W Magazine, Allure and Vogue have named Anushka, ”THE anti-cellulite maven’, the ‘cellulite exorcist extraordinaire’ or the ‘cellulite queen’ and she has been featured in beauty magazines across the universe. Celebrities, clients and models have flocked to her for her secrets to slimming the appearance of cellulite for almost 37 years.  Her anti-cellulite product line which she manufactures in her own plant, has been used by 750,000 people internationally.

2)    Medical Director, Dr Daniel Morello is a renowned Plastic Surgeon and Past President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. He oversees the Cosmedical Centre, as well consults clients interested in liposuction, facelifts, and tummy tucks.

3)    In the Lash Lounge, visit resident lash expert and the world’s only official Lashologist™. Ellie has been doing makeup and beauty books and magazines and has appeared on CNN and The Today Show. She has traveled the world teaching advanced courses on her lash techniques. Currently she is even working on a book about lashes.

4)    Facialists at the Spa Sanctuary, like Dee and Uslin, offer clients 20 or more years of experience in aesthetics. Dee is a perfectionist and insists on her clients leaving with impeccable results. While Uslin, owned her own spa in Jamaica. Both experts offer their knowledge to spa guests in order to steer them in the right direction and promote awareness of the great products and technologies available that can significantly improve someone’s complexion.

5)    At the Salon Hair Loft, entrust colorists like Master James Parlier whose work has appeared in the likes of French Vogue, Marie Claire, Votre Beaute, Elle, and Grazia. He started his career 28 years ago under the guidance of legendary color pioneer, Jean-Marc Maniatis in Paris. He has worked with most of the top designers for both print and runway and now he can consult you here in the Palm Beach area.

About Anushka Spa, Salon and Cosmedical Centre:

Visit Anushka Spa, Salon, & Cosmedical Centre at Cityplace for services that include hair, and nails at the Salon Hair Loft; cellulite treatments at The Cellulite Clinic; lash extensions/treatments at the Lash Lounge; and facials, massages and body treatments at the Spa Sanctuary. For your cosmetic medical needs like botox, fillers or medical grade facials visit the Comedical Centre. All this, under one roof in a 12,000 sq foot beauty haven, located in the heart of West Palm Beach.
For appointments or consultation call the Spa & Salon at 561.820.0500 or Cosmedical Centre at 561.820.8055.  

Read more about this spa experience and more… Click here.

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A Day at Eau Spa at Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach

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Eau Spa is nothing like I have ever experienced. It is an experience versus a treatment. A journey versus a visit. A self-indulgent treat that every person should enjoy at least once!

I felt like a kid in a candy store. Every turn offered some new and different experience and time just seemed to slip through the cracks. And it just so happens, right by the front desk you will see a clock projected onto the lobby floor. The clock actually goes backwards with the idea that time here does not matter. Perhaps, the underlying theory is that a visit here can actually turn back the hands of time, due to the result of feeling younger.

First things first, shopping! I visited their creatively named bEAU-tique which offers some unique items such as women’s clothing from around the globe, Cornelia skin care products, and featuring their signature scented products in Lemon grass and Green tea.

Next I was escorted to the check in area which is, a beautiful room that houses a wishing pool. After I answered some questions on a Personal Care Guide, I was lead over to make a wish. I was given a spa wish card and told to make a wish. I then placed a tea light into the water and “pushed” my wish officially into the universe.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I spent some time in the warmth of the Florida sun in the Self Centered Garden, lounging on a floating chair while dipping my toes in a cooling shallow pool of water. Around me, lush green vegetation, contemporary plush furnishings in bright jewel tones like greens and blues, water falls everywhere. The sounds were enough to clear my mind. A  man in white offered me a chilled towel to wipe my brow and another surprise; a lavender-vanilla ice cream shot in honor of the Ritz Carlton’s Summer Ice Cream celebration.

Lunch was served waterfall side at a nice table for one. Just me,  dining on delectable grilled chicken, Caesar Salad with a mix of grape tomato salad, and yummy olives at a table for one! While nibbling on my guiltless salad I spoiled myself with a refreshingly sinful Blueberry Caphinira.  And to top off the deliciousness, I was sure to try out a couple of the scrumptious mini chocolate cupcakes the spa is known for.

It’s time for my appointment and Massage Therapist, Mel has arrived to lead me to the Play Villa. Eau Spa does not have just any old treatment rooms. They actually have villas for one or for two with outdoor private patio decks equipped with showers and some even have outdoor baths! The Crushed Pearl Body Smoother made me feel like royalty as a mixture of crushed pearls and minerals were rubbed into my skin to polish and soften. After an invigorating outdoor shower in the privacy of my very own deck, I returned to the warm massage table to be massaged from head to toe in a Pearl body oil that left me soft ,with a lustrous finish.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Next, I return to the Eau Zone, the garden view waiting area, and within minutes I’m whisked away by the friendly nail specialist, Lori, who will be performing a Champagne Shimmer Pedicure on me. talk about champagne taste, the cool part about this pedicure is a solution of champagne and oils are literally poured over your feet in addition to a traditional pedicure. Lastly, a warm paraffin wrap and a thoroughly relaxing leg massage before my polish of choice. Lori even brought me a glass of bubbly to sip on and a yummy cupcake to enjoy during my treatment.

To top off the amazing day, I headed to the Bath Lounge and dosed off for a few minutes on a heated tile lounger located in the relaxing room. The Bath Lounge consists of a room with a jumbo sized Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and even a steam shower.

My spa fantasy has come to an end, but before I leave I take advantage of a full range of the Signature scented Green Tea and Lemongrass lotions and products to freshen up before I depart. The scent lingers as I write this and I remember the Spa fantasy that came true for me and I hope some day for you.

Call Eau Spa  at 561.540.4960 for an experience of the senses you will never forget. 

Learn more about my Eau Spa experience by visiting

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