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The CBD Facial at Palm Beach Facials

When Palm Beach Facials‘ Esthetician and Owner, Brittany Johnston, extended an invitation to me, the CBD Facial on the menu immediately caught my eye. There is so much buzz around CBD. It seems to be the new “it” product and I strongly believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CBD. Soon enough it will be popping up all over the place, whether it be as a supplement, in our skincare products, or our food and beverages.

I wanted to see what all the buzz was about when it comes to CBD skincare first hand. I have tried it as a supplement to help get a good night’s sleep but have never used it topically on my skin.

Set in the heart of Palm Beach Island, Palm Beach Facials, the private spa is located inside a charming commercial building that is clean and immaculate. Brittany’s setup makes for a calming, peaceful experience in a posh, comfortable setting. There is free parking on the street so the arrival experience was convenient and stress-free.

Brittany is an absolute treat to meet. She takes her time, pays close attention to detail, and gave me one of the best facials I have ever had.

Highlights of the 90 minute CBD Facial included:

  1. A double cleanse started out with an oil-based cleanser with steam and then lead into a foaming cleanser with steam
  2. Brittany uses high-quality, clinical skincare products from IMAGE Skincare and took her time to carefully apply each product with a gentle touch and soothing massage application.
  3. Brittany carefully analyzed my skin correcting any flaws with careful extractions followed by an extremely relaxing facial lymphatic massage
  4. A high-frequency skincare machine followed which stimulate circulation, rejuvenate and tightens pores
  5. The CBD oil HydroJelly masque is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is poured over the eyes, face, and lips and has an awesome cooling feeling. Once it dried she peeled it off in just one pull.
  6. A non-clogging CBD topical Oil was slowly massaged into the face skin, decollete, neck, and shoulders
  7. Finishing touches included a Vitamin C serum, lip balm, sunscreen, and eye cream
  • cleansing the face with a foaming cleanser
  • lymphatic massage of the face
  • Skin care using high frequency wand

“The HydroJelly Mask is specifically designed to calm the skin by reducing inflammation. It’s packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes.” Brittany explained. When asked why Brittany likes to incorporate these HydroJelly Masks into her facial offerings she said, “I love the HydroJelly Masks because of their unique consistency and the application/removal process. They are also amazing due to their cooling sensation. This allows the skin to constrict which makes the skin tighter, reduces puffiness and pores appear smaller.”

So now for the question, everyone has been waiting to be answered. “Do you get high from the CBD Facial? “

The answer is “no”. While CBD oil is from a cannabis plant, it doesn’t have the same ability to create a “high” or state of euphoria as marijuana or THC. CBD is so popular because it’s been proved to have tons of healing, positive benefits without the psychoactive qualities of marijuana. So while there was no high, I left Palm Beach Facials feeling calm with a radiant glow. I was extremely satisfied with the fact that my skin was virtually flawless, soft, and supple thanks to Brittany.

CBD infused skin care products may offer healing benefits from clearing up acne to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, due to its anti-inflammatory nature it treats conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

To experience the HydroJelly masks and a facial worthy of the spa’s Worth Avenue location visit Brittany yourself at Palm Beach Facials. You will be in good hands for sure.

Palm Beach Facials is located at 205 Worth Ave #205, Palm Beach, FL 33480


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Supplements to start taking now for healthy hair

© Sierpniowka | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Sierpniowka | Dreamstime Stock Photos

We have all have taken supplements for our health, but have you considered supplements for your hair? Proper nutrition beautifies you from the inside-out. However, sometimes it’s not always possible to get the adequate amount of vitamins from daily food intake alone. Fortunately, Salon at PGA National lead hair stylist, Maria Salamis, has rounded up a few supplements to share with readers that will help brittle, fine hair, or to just maintain the healthy locks you already have.

  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil is the and organic moisturizer. The natural vitamins and essential fatty acids found in coconut oil help to nurture scalp and remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. If you have for hair, Maria recommends slathering coconut oil from scalp to ends. Leave on overnight and wash your hair a few times the next morning to remove any residue. Air dry if possible to give your hair the break it needs from heat. Use as often as needed to reveal shinier, stronger hair.
  • Biotin: Biotin is vital to cell production, which is why it is essential in hair growth. When ingested, Biotin plays an important part in producing amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Taking a daily biotin supplement will increase your amino acids and aid in healthy, strong hair growth.
  • Cod Liver Oil: If you do not mind taking a fish oil, Cod Liver Oil is highly recommended for hair loss. It contains high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D and Vitamin A. All of which nourish the hair follicles from within and healthy hair follicles result in healthy hair. Maria recommends purchasing the capsules and keeping them in the freezer until ingestion. This will aid in better digesting.

Don’t make it a bad hair day! Make yourself a standing appointment regularly to avoid any future complications. To set up an appointment with Maria Salamis, Master Stylist, or one of the Salon at PGA National’s expert staff of spa and salon professionals call 561.627.3111 or learn more at

Do you have a beauty, salon or spa question?  Email or comment on this blog post and one of the many beauty experts at the Spa or Salon at PGA National may respond in a future post of Lady Spa Spa’s Beauty Blog. 

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Tipsy SalonBar owner takes nail hygiene seriously

As I ent20160130_120133ered Tipsy’s newest Salon Bar, located in Boynton Beach where the former Yossi Salon used to be, I thought for a second I might have arrived at the wrong destination. As I looked around at the chic, and highly modern décor I did a double-take and suddenly realized the individuals enjoying libations at the bar were actually also getting their nails done or hair colored. The environment may look like a trendy South Beach Night Club  but getting you “tipsy” is definitely not what Tipsy Salonbar and Lounge is solely about.

There menu lists out options of wine from $7 to $10, Beer starts at $4 and then they have other cocktails like their signature Lychee Mimosa or Prosecco. For those looking for alternatives to alcohol they also offer non alcoholic beverages such as Green Tea, Coffee, Water and OJ. Drink up at the bar, all while you enjoy a full service salon and spa offering hair cuts, hair color, manis, pedis, facials, waxing and massage.

I really love Tipsy’s concept of a bar lounge and salon/spa all-in- one. The environment truly lends itself to bridal parties, birthday parties, a date night out, and girls outings. 20160130_120227Getting pampered plus sipping on a cocktail in the process is definitely an ideal match.

But the one thing that really stood out to me besides the pristine, modern décor, the highly professional Nail Technician, the vast selection of nail colors and the comfy furnishings was the fact that Founder, Beth Nguyen takes the nail biz and her clientele’s health so seriously.

If a salon does not take precautions in regards to cleanliness and sanitation, your dreamy day of pampering could potentially become your worst nightmare. For those who are not aware, tools like nail files and nail clippers, can spread fungal infections from person-to-person if they’re not sanitized. With a past experience as a medical doctor, Beth  goes the extra mile to insure all her guests the absolute highlest level of sanitation.  All tools, between clients, are treated to the degree that surgical tools are handled with an autoclave machi20160130_120327ne she has invested in. Liners are used at the pedicure stations and discarded after each use.

Tipsy SalonBar is located in Boynton Beach on the corner of Congress Avenue and Gateway Blvd.

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April 1, 2016 · 1:07 pm

Guest Beauty Contributor Natalie New: Splurge on a chocolate dipped pedicure

OPI-Fifty-Shades-GreyAs we move into February we find the essence of love beginning to surround us. It starts with thoughts of hearts, then sweet smells of roses and scented perfumes, followed by the taste of chocolate decadence from our most beloved…

Dive into the most romantic time of the year feet first with a Chocolate Dipped Pedicure at the Salon at PGA National Resort & Spa. This treatment has all the pleasure of a decadent chocolate dessert and none of the guilt. First you will be submerged into a chocolate foot bath, followed by a chocolate mousse mask, finishing with a luxurious chocolate lotion massage. Bring even more seduction to this delicious treat by choosing a new “Fifty Shades of Grey” color from the OPI collection.

The Chocolate Dipped pedicure is just one of four Valentine’s Day Decadence spa specials offered Sundays through Fridays, this month through February 20, 2015 for $59/50 minutes.

This article’s content was provided by Natalie New. She is a Senior Nail Technician at The Salon at PGA National. To meet Natalie or set up an appointment for a professional manicure or pedicure or specialty nail service with her at the Spa at PGA call 561-627-3111. 

Click here to check out this article on DIY manicure from Beauty Contributor Natalie New.

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Summer Beauty Series from the Spa at PGA Tip #2: Fight the Sun’s Damaging Effects


Tanning during the summer is incredibly relaxing, but the sun can take a serious toll on your skin. So how can we get that summer glow and still take care of our skin?

According to Paula Taylor, leading massage therapist from the Spa at PGA National, a skin care regime is vital in order to obtain that healthy summer tan. “In order to prolong your tan and keep your skin soft, frequent exfoliation and moisturizer are essential, ” Taylor said.

Sugar scrubs are a sweet way to exfoliate your skin during the summer time. “Sugar scrubs based in coconut oil do both by deeply penetrating the skin with the hydration that dry skin craves,” Taylor said.

The Spa at PGA National offers several exfoliation services in a relaxing environment to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth. So, come check out the Spa’s retail boutique for a wide selection of skin care products for purchase.

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The Good, the Bad and The Ugly of Eyelash Extensions

Some say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I say that every window needs curtains. Known in Hollywood for years, eyelash extensions are becoming all the rage these days and if you’ve never had your eyes beautified, then you don’t know what you’re missing. In my time as the lead esthetician and lash extension expert at PGA National for over 5 years, I saw more than my share of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly when it comes to this new phenomenon.

If this is your first experience with this world-renowned art of the eyes, here is some advice that will help you avoid a painful, and potentially dangerous experience.

Although skin is where my career first flourished, I have developed a serious passion for the art of lash extensions. Nothing can upset me more than when I see eyelashes that have been ruined by a “so called” lash expert. These professional posers may be someone still in beauty school, someone that has not been properly trained, or worse yet, someone who just doesn’t care. Beware of good deals, coupons, or any other hurry up and purchase offers that may lead to an inadequate experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s all bad, but you can’t go wrong if you do your homework. I’m sure there are reputable professionals out there that may offer a break in cost, but before going for it, due diligence is required.

Things you should know (your homework assignment):

1. Find out how long the lash technician has been applying eyelash extension.

2. Ask to see “before and after” photos.

3. Ask for verification of training with a reputable company. A licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist with a minimum of 1 year of experience.

Eyelash extensions are individually attached to each lash. This technique takes precision, skill, time, and above all experience. Your initial extension set should take about 2 hours to apply, and follow up visits to get your fills should take about an hour. Eyelashes naturally shed making eyelash extensions semi-permanent and only come off when your natural lashes have. Yes! You will lose eyelashes, you’re supposed too! Don’t Panic! This is a natural process that is constantly happening and keeps your lash growth cycle healthy making it possible for your new lashes to grow properly.

Be aware; eyelash extensions that are applied in a proper fashion should be painless at application and throughout the life of your eyelashes. Applied properly, eyelash extensions are weightless; you may forget you have them on.

The Good:

Below are before and after pictures of real eyelash extensions

                             Before                                     After




The Bad


These are not real eyelash extensions. These are glued to the skin on her eyelids and canbe very painful on her eyelids and can be very painful. Eyelash extensions should never touch the skin!

The Ugly:

These are known as clusters, also not real eyelash extensions; her natural lashes are all glued together preventing the new lash growth from coming in properly. Someone who either had no experience, or was never trained properly did this set of eyelash extensions.

Ok, so what do you do if you’ve had one of these bad eyelash applications? Do NOT try to remove the extensions yourself!

This will only result in you ripping and tearing your own natural lashes. Find a professional to remove them. Do NOT go back to the same place that applied these lashes. If they didn’t care about the way they applied your lashes they won’t care about how they remove them.

You may need to wait 2-6 weeks before having your lash extensions done again. In the meantime, using a lash serum and taking  Biotin daily may help your lashes grow back healthy again.

Zuly Morales

c/o Zuly’s Beautifully Delicious


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Instant results at The Lane Spa with a Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments

Immediate results with an Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment

When is the last time you heard about a facial treatment that provides instant, visible results that is alsohealthy and safe for all skin types?

The Lane Spa is now offering Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Treatments! Known to be the facial that keeps Jennifer Lopez looking beautiful!

The Lane Spa is offering a special introductory offer for the month of May so you can give a try: Book a 60 minute Oxygen Infusion Treatment for $175 and receive a 30 minute facial with your service for free (value $59).

These special skincare treatments use oxygen under pressure as a means to deliver a unique moisture binding serum to the deeper layers of the skin.  Since it stimulates new cell growth, elastin, and collagen production which plump the skin you will see immediate, visible results!

Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments are extremely effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, treating hyperpigmenation, helping reverse sun damage, and naturally adding volume and lift without injections.

Check out The Lane Spa’s monthly specials . Call 561-691-0104 to book an appointment at The Lane Spa.

To read more about the Intraceuticals facial simply click here.

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12 New Shades From Shellac

Say hello to 12 new shades of Shellace

This month Shellac addicts everywhere will rejoice as CND (Creative Nail Design, inc.) launches twelve new shades expanding the line to 24 colors in their collection.

For those of you who have not had a chance to try out Shellac, it is a professional salon service and cannot be bought in stores. It was revolutionary to the nail industry because the product offers a flawless, glossy manicure with a mirror finish that does not nick, chip, smudge or smear like your average everyday nail color.

Shellac’s May 2010 launch had the nail industry in a frenzy. According to CND, within one month of its introduction, Shellac sold out four times over.  Other benefits to the product line are it is hypo-allergenic and 3-Free (no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP). The product leaves a brilliant shiny finish with maintenance-free wear and safely removes in 10-minutes. 

This holiday season go Hollywood red or Masquerade burgundy on your next salon visit. Prices generally range from $25-45 for manicures and  $40-60 for pedicures depending on location.  Local Palm Beach Spas and salons everywhere offer Shellac. Visit the Salon Locator at to see if your favorite Palm Beach area spa/salon is offering this modern-must and you will never go back to regular old nail polish again!

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Spa Parties to Go brings the spa to you for any special event

courtesy of Spa Parties to Go

This holiday season why not plan something different for friends and family? Transform your home into a spa environment with Spa Parties to Go. Guests can enjoy spa treatments from manicures, pedicures, chair massages or table massages and even facials or body treatments all from the privacy of your home-turned-spa!

Spa Parties to Go can make this possible at the same cost as going to your local spa! You bring the guests and the snacks and leave the rest to Spa Parties to Go. The spa music, robes, and even the scented candles and necessary equipment to transform your home will be provided. Then a  team of experienced, licensed Estheticians, Nail Technicians and Massage Therapists will pamper and rejuvenate your guests. Your home will be a relaxing spa environment for friends and family to enjoy while spending quality time together. Spa Parties to Go is a creative get together for anything from bridal showers to baby showers to holiday events, bachelorette parties or even a bridal party girl get together!

Here is a sampling of some of the treatments guests can enjoy:

Chair Massage – The focuses on the upper tension areas. (15 min/$25)

Table Massage – Enjoy a luxurious Massage, Deep-Tissue or Swedish. (30 min/$45)

Honey Cream Manicure – Includes botanical hand soak, file or buff, hand massage & a polish to perfection. ($18 add $5. for French)

Sea Salt Pedicure – Includes a botanical foot soak, file or buffing of nails, foot exfoliation, foot massage & a polish to perfection.($40)

Spa Pedicure – Includes a botanical foot soak, filing of nails. Foot exfoliation, foot mask, heated booties, hot towels and a foot massage. (45 min/$55)

Mini – Facial – Includes a facial cleanser, steam, exfoliation, facial massage & a mask. (30 min/$50)

Customized spa packages are available as well. This year make your birthday party or holiday party an unforgettable event.  Book your Spa Party to Go by calling 954-849-8061.

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Can’t Go to the Spa? Bring the Spa to You!

So you love being pampered but just can’t afford it right now. Why not bring the spa experience home to you at no charge and earn free spa products while you are at it! With a Sensaria spa party you can gather your  girlfriends and get pampered from head to toe with their fabulous line of natural body care products in the comfort of your own home.
According to Sensaria Representative Deborah Palmer of Coral Springs, FL  “You will be our Spa Queen for the day and you and your friends will get to experience luxurious and relaxing foot scrubs and soaks, hand treatments, facial care as well as aromatherapy!”
Sounds to me like the perfect girl’s or mom’s night out, or a unique bridal or baby shower that won’t soon be forgotten. To learn more or to book your spa party today contact Deborah at
Sensaria Natural Bodycare products are the perfect blend of nature and science, inspired by all the nurturing ingredients that the earth has to offer. From calming and soothing botanical extracts to fragrant essential oils, we unite the wisdom of nature with modern day science to repair and restore, soothe and smooth, relax and rejuvenate.

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