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Lady Spa Spa Loves it: Holly’s Raw Shea Body Balm

I recently have gotten to know Holly Elkin, entrepreneur and founder of Holly’s Natural Products, an exclusive line of 100% Organic, unrefined Shea Products. This got me thinking what’s so great about Shea Butter? So I did some research that I would like to share with you on why Shea Butter, especially high-quality Shea Butter is worth investing in.

Little known to me, Shea Butter, can actually be traced as far as back as to Egypt during the days of Cleopatra. There are actual accounts of caravans bearing clay jars of Shea butter which was a huge commodity for its cosmetic use in Egypt. Many other great travelers have also recorded observations about African culture and its use of shea butter as well, dating as far back as the 1300’s and to this day Shea Butter is widely used as a popular ingredient in many beauty brands like the Body Shop and Crabtree and Evelyn. But many of these products are diluted with chemicals and artificial ingredients, which does not allow you to enjoy the true benefits of unrefined, natural shea butter.

Here are just a few of the many, little-known benefits of and uses of organic Shea Butter:

1) It can be utilized as an effective insect repellant and it is known to relieve itching on contact.
2) Used in combination with citrus juices, it helps reduce body odor and makes a decent antiperspirant.
3) High-quality products like Holly’s Natural Product line of 100% Organic Unrefined Shea products contain a variety of natural antioxidants and fatty acids that include Vitamin E, which may heal the skin.
4)  For centuries African women have used this to rub their swelling bellies daily to avoid the delicate skin during pregnancy as well as to avoid stretch marks.
5) Shea butter also contains substances that can reduce skin swelling. This might help treat conditions associated with skin swelling such as eczema and psoriasis.
6) Add it to your favorite shampoo or conditioner for use as a hair sealant or hair softener or to protect again UV rays. Plus it does not weigh hair down or leave an oily residue.

Holly’s Natural Products, strive to bring you the finest quality of 100% Organic, Unrefined Shea products. Her Body Balms come in a variety of scents in Raw, Coconut, Grapefruit, and Almond, to stimulate your senses! Rejuvenate your skin with a beautiful scent, shimmer, and softness while enhancing moisture for a healthier you! Visit http://hollysnaturalproducts.com to learn more.

Sources:(1-4)Shea Butter: The Nourishing Properties of Africa’s Best-Kept Natural Beauty by By W.G. Goreja
(5) http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1512-shea%20butter.aspx?activeingredientid=1512&activeingredientname=shea%20butter
(6) http://www.curlynikki.com/2011/11/shea-butter-benefits-for-hair.html

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Your guide to gorgeous wedding make up

Wedding make up by Alyson Sichenzia

Your wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of your life so you definitely want to look and feel amazing.  Most Brides,  want a glowing, natural, wedding makeup look.

Here are six steps to a DIY Classic Wedding Look: 
Step 1) Prep your skin by using hydrating non-greasy products. Be sure to choose a primer that is serum based.
Step 2) Start with the eyes by prepping the area with an eye primer then start adding on that gorgeous, natural smoky eye pallet. The eyes are the window to the soul so if you are going to make a feature pop definitely make the eyes the focal point.
Step 3) As for your complexion, go with a light to buildable coverage just enough to cover, but not feel heavy or unnatural. Especially with the South Florida, you don’t want to wear heavy caked on makeup in the sun or heat.
Step 4) Apply a beautiful, natural highlight, and contour for dimension and glow.
Step 5) Apply eye-popping lashes for added glam.
Step 6) Pick the lip color that will say “I Do”. Go with something pretty and bold.
Most importantly if you have the budget, consider a professional makeup artist like Alyson. To perfect your look and be the most confident,  invest in a consultation with her before the big day so that you can strategize on what overall image you want for that day beforehand.  The last thing you need on your wedding day is any surprises. Remember its one day in your entire life and you want it to be picture perfect.
Beauty tips are provided by contributor  Alyson Sichenzia, Makeup Maven. Follow her on Instagram @alysichenzhearne or check out her website at alysonsichenzia.com.
Receive spa and beauty advice straight to your inbox from a variety of contributors like the amazing Alyson Sichenzia, that are all experts in the field of making you feel and look fabulous.Be sure to post comments and questions!
A special note: When it comes to your wedding there is no detail too small and no request too big at South Florida’s premier destination and venue, PGA National Resort & Spa. Feel free to contact me directly to learn more!

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Tips and tricks to look like a princess this Prom

Prom is the first step into a new adventure in your life, a step towards a new you. This is the time where you can step out of our comfort zone or school uniform and look like a princess. If you have your dream date escorting you, here’s your chance to shine with a gorgeous look for that one night of the year.

Tips to looking your best for Prom:

1) Break out your glitter lip gloss to add sparkle to your everyday lipstick or consider a color that really pops like bold red, peach or even hot pink.

2) Use a contour and highlight kit, designed to sculpt, define, and highlight your face.add some pops of peaches, pinks, and reds as well as sparkle shadows for smoky eyes. Contour and highlight kits usually come with some great step by step directions.

3) Based on the color of your gown, add some pops of peaches, pinks, and reds to your makeup palette the night of the event. 

4) Looking to add some sophisticated drama to your look? Consider creating a smokey eye appearance with your eye shadows and then add some sparkle shadow over the top for even more Va Voom!  Visit http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Smoky-Eyes-With-Makeup for a step by step tutorial.

5) Remember these are memories you will look back at for a lifetime with photos and on social media. If you can afford it, definitely splurge on a makeup application for the night. It will pay off tenfold, and you will look like a million bucks.


Beauty tips by Makeup Maven Alyson Sichenzia. Follow her on Instagram @alysichenzhearne or check out her website at alysonsichenzia.com. Be sure to post comments and questions! For more beauty tips from a variety of beauty, contributors subscribe to Ladyspaspa.com and receive spa and beauty news straight to your inbox.

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Spring make up style trend alert by Guest Blogger Alyson Sichenzia

Alyson at work

By participating in the Delray Beaches 2017 Fashion Week this year, I was lucky to be introduced to many amazing new and exciting style trends there, that will be popular this Spring 2017. My favorite look of all is definitely the Bohemian look. I am way ahead of the game with this style, and I already have this look down pat. Follow my step by step bohemian style make up the application here so that you can be ahead of the game too!

Step 1) A beautiful red matte lip preferably the Kat Von D matte liquid lipstick in “Santa” with the Sephora brand gel retractable lipliner.

Step 2) Apply a gorgeous lightweight, glowing tinted moisturizer preferably Laura Mercier soft glow one.

Step 3) Use a shimmering bronzed, peachy bronzer to the contoured areas of your face.

Step 4) Add a slightly pink blush to your cheekbones

Step 5) Fill in your brows with the Bobbi Brown brown eyebrow wax add mascara and light eyeliner to make your eyes pop!

I am always available to you for makeup tips and tricks. Please visit my website at alysonsichenzia.com and follow me on Instagram @alysichenzhearne. Be sure to post comments and questions!

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Get that summer glow by guest beauty contributor Alyson Sichenzia-Hearne

imageSummer in South Florida is all about color and glowing skin. You can achieve a glowing overall look very easily by getting a natural looking, even spray tan as well as adding a highlight and contour on your face with a shimmered natural bronzer all over. Follow with an application of light eye color, liner, and a nude lip color.

It gets extremely hot here and even makeup lovers, don’t want to wear heavy makeup but rather something light and natural. Basically, the goal is to look like you are wearing no makeup but you really are. Your skin will look radiant, healthy and flawless. This makeup application takes ten minutes, I’m sure you are all excited about that. For the full tutorial visit

This makeup application takes ten minutes, I’m sure you are all excited about that. For the full tutorial visit alysonsichenzia.com.

Stay beautiful ladies!

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Spa after Dark Evening Twilight with special musical guest Timothee Lovelock

This Wednesday, March 25, 2015, the Spa & Salon at PGA National will host, Spa After Dark Evening Twilight, benefitting Big Dog Ranch Rescue from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Guests will enjoy a fun-filled and informative evening under the stars by the renowned Waters of the World pools.

The spa after-hours event features live entertainment by The DJ/Violinist, Timothee Lovelock. With a classical background and a degree from Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Lovelock has mastered the mix of his skills with different genres of music.

Highlights of the event include:

  • Hair demonstrations using MoroccanOil and L’Oreal products
  • HydraFacial demonstrations 
  • Chair Massages
  • DK Lulu Jewelry Tattoo Applications
  • Salon Braid Bar
  • Browgal brow consultations
  • Skincare demonstrations from Clarisonic and NuFace
  • Sample giveaways
  • Silent auction to benefit Big Dog Ranch Rescue
  • Shopping vendors include: Prep Obsessed, Jessie’s Girl Western Hats, International Beauty Concepts and Jamberry Nails

The Spa will also offer a 10% discount on any spa and/or salon retail purchased that night! Guests will be treated to a variety of spa style cuisine and one complimentary champagne, beer or wine.  Tickets are available via www.pgaspaafterdark.eventbrite.com, by phone by calling 561-627-3111 or at the door that day for $25.

About Timothee Lovelock, Special Musical Guest

Timothee Lovelock was born in Brooklyn, NY. After moving to Florida, Timothee’s father decided to teach young Lovelock the violin at the age of 8. With a classical background and graduating from DSOA (Dreyfoos School of the Arts), Lovelock decided to melange his skills with different genres of music. The range of skill and creativity between Electronic Dance Music, Producer/DJ Timothee Lovelock make a driving force to the listeners ear. Contrarily, Timothee Lovelock is not limited to producing any specific style while incorporating violin to these fine tunes into his live performances and music production. And while Party Rockin’ with great vibes and positive energy, Timothee Lovelock makes spinning records a graceful party experience like the year 2050.



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Beauty is skin deep by Beauty contributor Alyson Sichenzia

Beauty is only skin deep ladies and what is a better time than now to show off what your mamma gave ya! Being a makeup artist has taught me so much about not only beauty on the outside but beauty on the inside. alyson2It’s important to get plenty of nutrients on a daily basis to nourish our immune systems. The body needs electrolytes and antioxidants to feed off good energy throughout the day. During this time of year we can feel alot more run down and fatigued by the end of our work day. It’s crucial to start each day out right with a nutritious breakfast like a kale protein smoothie or an organic yogurt parfait.

That saying “you are what you eat,”  is totally correct if you are putting bad food into your body your skin will show it!  To be prepared, make your meals for the next day the night before so it’s less stressful in the morning. Believe me ladies this healthy way of life will show change in your skin and the way your skin feels.

Be sure to keep reading and consider making this your New Years resolution for 2015! What tips and tricks do you use to keep your skin looking and feeling good?

Visit alysonsichenzia.com for tips and tricks  about makeup and skin care.

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Tis the Holiday Season by Beauty Contributor Alyson Sichenzia

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what a better way to do that than with your look from head to toe. Nothing says holiday cheer like a bold red lip, pink cheeks or smokey eyes. The look I am describing is a no brainier dolls. Gather all your makeup goodies together and lay it all out. Then dig out those sparkly lip glosses and glittery eye shadows and have some fun! Play around with blending shadows and ombré lips. Don’t be afraid to be dramatic with eye liner and contour pencil. Love who you are but the holidays are a great excuse to step out of your everyday natural looks and to make a bolder statement.

The beauty of makeup is that it’s temporary and you can simply wash it off any time. Create any look your heart desires; Have fun and be bold!

holidayAlysonStep 1) pick out 3 colors of eyeshadow  a base color, crease color, and a brow highlighter. Then use a black liquid liner to do a cat eyed look.

Step 2) pick a pretty red, pink, or coral lip color with matching liner. Top with a sparkly gloss.

Step 3) use medium to build able foundation coverage.

Step 4) set your foundation with a sheer powder by dusting it on.

Step 5) bring out your beautiful cheek bones with a plum or peachy blush. You can add a golden bronzer to contour with.

There you have it ladies!  A gorgeous holiday look to paint the town red with! Whats your favorite make up to wear during the holidays?

Do you need make up or beauty advice? Contact ladyspaspa@gmail.com and Alyson, Professional Makeup Artist may just focus her next article on your question. To learn more about Alyson’s services visit her website at alysonsichenzia.com or email her at alysonsichenzia1@yahoo.com.

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Lipstick Queen by Beauty Contributor Alyson Ann Sichenzia

Have you heard of an amazing lipstick brand called Lipstick Queen? If not your totally missing out. I have just been exposed to the new “Silver Screen” fall line. When we think of fall we think of beautiful deep reds, purples, browns, metallics, and even a pretty coral especially here in South Florida!


The first beautiful lipstick Shade, I want to introduce you to is called ” Have Paris” a gorgeous red. This red will have your man going gaga over you. It is a blend of cherry and orange that allows for an amazing pop of color.


“Stlla” an electric purple, is to die for! It is a perfect blend of a bluish purple hue with a metallic sheen that we light up a room, everyone will do a double take when they see you sporting this color!


“Made It” is a deep purplish brown. This vampy lipstick darkens up your lips to perfect fall shading. It looks beautiful on any skin tone and goes great with a layered fall look.

What is your favorite fall lip color?

Do you need make up or beauty advice? Contact ladyspaspa@gmail.com and Alyson, Professional Makeup Artist may just focus her next article on your question. To learn more about Alyson’s services vist her website at alysonsichenzia.com or email her at alysonsichenzia1@yahoo.com.

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4 easy steps to luscious lips for Valentines Day: a post by guest beauty expert Alyson Sichenzia

ImageSaint Valentines Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or feast of Saint Valentine is observed on February 14th. It is celebrated in many countries around the world as the national day of love! This beauty tip is for those single and ready- to- mingle gals or settled down girls that want to add a little Va-Voom  to their look this Valentines Day, 

What  better way to add to that stunning valentines date night look than with a popping red or pink lip color to pucker up and kiss your man with! Nothing says sexy, like a beautiful bold lip to make your man’s head spin.

Step 1) Use a clear lip primer to hold your beautiful lip application in place all night long

Step 2) Line your luscious lips with a cherry red or hot pink lip liner to eliminate bleeding of color especially with reds.

Step 3) Apply a matte or shiny Marilyn Monroe red or a Lady Gaga hot pink all over your pouty lips.

Step 4)   You can add a shimmering gloss for extra youth, plump and pop.

Voila! Luscious lips with staying power! Thanks for reading… Be sure to stop by Luka Cosmetics Make Up and Lash Bar for expert beauty advice in person. Get your makeup done by an expert Makeup like Artist Sichenzia at one of multiple locations of Luka Cosmetics including Downtown at the Gardens or the Spa at PGA National located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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