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Lipstick Queen by Beauty Contributor Alyson Ann Sichenzia

Have you heard of an amazing lipstick brand called Lipstick Queen? If not your totally missing out. I have just been exposed to the new “Silver Screen” fall line. When we think of fall we think of beautiful deep reds, purples, browns, metallics, and even a pretty coral especially here in South Florida!


The first beautiful lipstick Shade, I want to introduce you to is called ” Have Paris” a gorgeous red. This red will have your man going gaga over you. It is a blend of cherry and orange that allows for an amazing pop of color.


“Stlla” an electric purple, is to die for! It is a perfect blend of a bluish purple hue with a metallic sheen that we light up a room, everyone will do a double take when they see you sporting this color!


“Made It” is a deep purplish brown. This vampy lipstick darkens up your lips to perfect fall shading. It looks beautiful on any skin tone and goes great with a layered fall look.

What is your favorite fall lip color?

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