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Tips and tricks to look like a princess this Prom

Prom is the first step into a new adventure in your life, a step towards a new you. This is the time where you can step out of our comfort zone or school uniform and look like a princess. If you have your dream date escorting you, here’s your chance to shine with a gorgeous look for that one night of the year.

Tips to looking your best for Prom:

1) Break out your glitter lip gloss to add sparkle to your everyday lipstick or consider a color that really pops like bold red, peach or even hot pink.

2) Use a contour and highlight kit, designed to sculpt, define, and highlight your face.add some pops of peaches, pinks, and reds as well as sparkle shadows for smoky eyes. Contour and highlight kits usually come with some great step by step directions.

3) Based on the color of your gown, add some pops of peaches, pinks, and reds to your makeup palette the night of the event. 

4) Looking to add some sophisticated drama to your look? Consider creating a smokey eye appearance with your eye shadows and then add some sparkle shadow over the top for even more Va Voom!  Visit http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Smoky-Eyes-With-Makeup for a step by step tutorial.

5) Remember these are memories you will look back at for a lifetime with photos and on social media. If you can afford it, definitely splurge on a makeup application for the night. It will pay off tenfold, and you will look like a million bucks.


Beauty tips by Makeup Maven Alyson Sichenzia. Follow her on Instagram @alysichenzhearne or check out her website at alysonsichenzia.com. Be sure to post comments and questions! For more beauty tips from a variety of beauty, contributors subscribe to Ladyspaspa.com and receive spa and beauty news straight to your inbox.

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Bridal season is here: a post by guest beauty expert Alyson Sichenzia

It’s that time of year when many women get hitched! Makeup is a huge part of the wedding day. LUKA cosmetics is providing the makeup and application for weddings around south Florida this season. From airbrushed, flawless makeup to free hand high-definition makeup, we do it all.

Choose from two convenient locations:  PGA National Resort and Spa where you can  enjoy some pampering, full nail care services and full service salon in addition to getting the bridal party makeup ready.. Or at the Downtown at the Gardens locale  LUKA cosmetics offers a special VIP room where bridal parties feel right at home. Sit back, relax and be pampered while drinking a Bellini or mimosa!

LUKA cosmetics is not only an all natural, organic and hypoallergenic  skin care makeup, they provide great makeup artistry, a beautiful ambiance and tender, loving care from expert beauty professionals like me, Alyson Sichenzia. Put your worries to rest gals either experience will be the best makeup experience for you!

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Applying the right eye shadow by Guest Blogger Alyson Sichenzia

We all have our own eye shape, that’s what makes us who we are. There are almond, oval, round, sunken, deep-set. When I work on a client I look at the shape and color of their eyes. For blue eyes I use gold, silver, brown, or plum. For hazel or green eyes use green, gold, teal, or metallic. Brown eyes can pretty much use any color!

There are easy steps to take to get the perfect eye makeup:

 1) Apply  an eye primer eye makeupor base to hold your shadow in place for the whole day especially in summer time because we  sweat and the eye makeup will disappear. This will also help your eyeliner to not crease.
2) Using  a flat synthetic short-haired brush (preferably Luka cosmetics brushes that are anti microbial) apply a light-colored shadow like gold or beige to lid of eye.
3) Take a crease brush that is a short-haired ,fluffy and oval and apply a darker color like brown or plum (not too dark)
4) Apply  a light shimmer shadow to brow bone to highlight and brighten the eyes! Using a lot of dark color will create a dark circle around entire eye.
Keep reading my blogs and stay beautiful! Visit Alyson at makeupandlashbar.com on location at the Spa at PGA National.

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