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4 easy steps to luscious lips for Valentines Day: a post by guest beauty expert Alyson Sichenzia

ImageSaint Valentines Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or feast of Saint Valentine is observed on February 14th. It is celebrated in many countries around the world as the national day of love! This beauty tip is for those single and ready- to- mingle gals or settled down girls that want to add a little Va-Voom  to their look this Valentines Day, 

What  better way to add to that stunning valentines date night look than with a popping red or pink lip color to pucker up and kiss your man with! Nothing says sexy, like a beautiful bold lip to make your man’s head spin.

Step 1) Use a clear lip primer to hold your beautiful lip application in place all night long

Step 2) Line your luscious lips with a cherry red or hot pink lip liner to eliminate bleeding of color especially with reds.

Step 3) Apply a matte or shiny Marilyn Monroe red or a Lady Gaga hot pink all over your pouty lips.

Step 4)   You can add a shimmering gloss for extra youth, plump and pop.

Voila! Luscious lips with staying power! Thanks for reading… Be sure to stop by Luka Cosmetics Make Up and Lash Bar for expert beauty advice in person. Get your makeup done by an expert Makeup like Artist Sichenzia at one of multiple locations of Luka Cosmetics including Downtown at the Gardens or the Spa at PGA National located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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