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Your guide to gorgeous wedding make up

Wedding make up by Alyson Sichenzia

Your wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of your life so you definitely want to look and feel amazing.  Most Brides,  want a glowing, natural, wedding makeup look.

Here are six steps to a DIY Classic Wedding Look: 
Step 1) Prep your skin by using hydrating non-greasy products. Be sure to choose a primer that is serum based.
Step 2) Start with the eyes by prepping the area with an eye primer then start adding on that gorgeous, natural smoky eye pallet. The eyes are the window to the soul so if you are going to make a feature pop definitely make the eyes the focal point.
Step 3) As for your complexion, go with a light to buildable coverage just enough to cover, but not feel heavy or unnatural. Especially with the South Florida, you don’t want to wear heavy caked on makeup in the sun or heat.
Step 4) Apply a beautiful, natural highlight, and contour for dimension and glow.
Step 5) Apply eye-popping lashes for added glam.
Step 6) Pick the lip color that will say “I Do”. Go with something pretty and bold.
Most importantly if you have the budget, consider a professional makeup artist like Alyson. To perfect your look and be the most confident,  invest in a consultation with her before the big day so that you can strategize on what overall image you want for that day beforehand.  The last thing you need on your wedding day is any surprises. Remember its one day in your entire life and you want it to be picture perfect.
Beauty tips are provided by contributor  Alyson Sichenzia, Makeup Maven. Follow her on Instagram @alysichenzhearne or check out her website at alysonsichenzia.com.
Receive spa and beauty advice straight to your inbox from a variety of contributors like the amazing Alyson Sichenzia, that are all experts in the field of making you feel and look fabulous.Be sure to post comments and questions!
A special note: When it comes to your wedding there is no detail too small and no request too big at South Florida’s premier destination and venue, PGA National Resort & Spa. Feel free to contact me directly to learn more!

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Spring make up style trend alert by Guest Blogger Alyson Sichenzia

Alyson at work

By participating in the Delray Beaches 2017 Fashion Week this year, I was lucky to be introduced to many amazing new and exciting style trends there, that will be popular this Spring 2017. My favorite look of all is definitely the Bohemian look. I am way ahead of the game with this style, and I already have this look down pat. Follow my step by step bohemian style make up the application here so that you can be ahead of the game too!

Step 1) A beautiful red matte lip preferably the Kat Von D matte liquid lipstick in “Santa” with the Sephora brand gel retractable lipliner.

Step 2) Apply a gorgeous lightweight, glowing tinted moisturizer preferably Laura Mercier soft glow one.

Step 3) Use a shimmering bronzed, peachy bronzer to the contoured areas of your face.

Step 4) Add a slightly pink blush to your cheekbones

Step 5) Fill in your brows with the Bobbi Brown brown eyebrow wax add mascara and light eyeliner to make your eyes pop!

I am always available to you for makeup tips and tricks. Please visit my website at alysonsichenzia.com and follow me on Instagram @alysichenzhearne. Be sure to post comments and questions!

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Two faced for Halloween with guest beauty contributor, Alyson Sichenzia


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Just in time for Halloween here is a fun little treat for all my readers. Here are some fun tips and tricks to achieving Alyson Sichenzia, Beauty Contributor’s,  “Tw0 Faced” makeup idea as shown here!  Alyson says, “To be honest with you there are two sides to me and I wanted to express my softer side and my dramatic vibrant side! It took me about 45 minutes to achieve this entire look and I got amazing feed back.” I am sure everybody has two sides to them Alyson and can relate.

When doing a make up application such as this you want to make sure that your products are out and ready to go for easy access!

Step 1: The Face) Prep and prime your entire face specifically  with a non-greasy more matte face primer. Alyson suggests  “Your Name Pro” tinted matte primer. Use a light, build-able  coverage on the softer side as far as  foundation and on the dramatic side use a high definition coverage. Follow with a blot powder to add a matte finish to the entire face. Alyson’s favorite blot power is from MAC.

Step 2: The Eyes) For the softer side of the look, use a very neutral color on the entire eyelid,  a white shadow to highlight the brow bone and a brown or chocolate eye liner.

For the dramatic side it’s good to use smoky colors and really dramatize a smoky eye, using champagnes, browns, black or even dark green. Then use a bold black either liquid or pencil. Consider some dramatic feathered lashes that are easy to apply and pretty comfortable as an added embellishment too.

Step 3:The Cheeks) On the softer side, simply use a delicate pink blush on the cheek bone.

Contour  the dramatic side of the face with a “Your Name Pro” dark contour stick and blend it with a dark bronzer.

Step 4: The Lips) Apply a nude on the softer side and black on the dramatic side both with a matte  finish!

Please visit alysonsichenzia.com for makeup tips and tricks! Stay beautiful ladies and have a safe Halloween!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year by Guest Beauty Expert Alyson Sichenzia

It’s that time again to enjoy our families and friends, to eat delicious meals and be grateful for what we have in our lives. There is definitely no better time to enhance our beautiful features and learn how to do amazing makeup on ourselves!  Why not ring in the new year with a whole new look to celebrate with!

New Year’s Eve is a night of glam and sparkle. A night to take out those sequins and glitz it up while having a blast!

Here are some helpful holiday tips to guide you:

1) If you wear a sequined dress with fancy heels, you don’t have to go as crazy with your make up you can have your make up a little bit more simple with a pop of color. Do a bold lip or dramatic eyes  pick a focused feature.

2) If if you plan to dress more simple than go wild with the make up. Don’t be afraid of adding some shimmer to the eyes or even doing a shimmery lip you can even do a bold highlight or contour.

3) Have fun let go and let it loose celebrate your year you deserve it you’ve worked hard and earned every minute of it plan for great things to come in the new year.

I’m going to have a series of amazing blogs coming up in the New Year thank you so much for your help and support!

Visit www.alsyonsichenzia.com for more information.

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Spark it up for the holidays, a post by guest beauty expert Alyson Sichenzia

This time of year brings joy and laughter! But also its a great  time to add a little shimmer to your life and your look! Holidays only come once a year so this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years add sparkle and shine to your makeup! I love adding in a dabble of shimmer to my daily makeup application. There are ways to do this in a subtle yet classy way, without looking like too over the top ladies. So follow these easy steps and you will look and feel in the holiday spirit.

photo 2 Step 1- Pick a focus feature for the day and prime your entire face.

Step 2- If your eyes are the focus, add shimmer in your eyeshadow on the lid of the eye and then use a matte color in the crease of the eye. You can also highlight your brow bone with a white shimmer which actually enhances your eyes.

Step 3- Go more natural on your lips. Consider a neutral lip liner on your entire lip then apply a slightly shimmery lip gloss over top.

photo 1Step 4- Highlight under the eyes and then contour with your favorite bronzer. Use blush only the cheek bones, this of course all goes after a setting powder!

Sparkle it up ladies and celebrate in style! 

Thanks for reading… Be sure to stop by Luka Cosmetics Make Up and Lash Bar for expert beauty advice in person. Get your makeup done by Alyson at the Spa at PGA National located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where she’s the resident makeup artist on site.


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