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Are you treating your skin right? a post by guest beauty expert Alyson Sichenzia

Come Check Luka's New Natural & Organic Skincare available now at Downtown at the Gardens store.

Come Check Luka’s New Natural & Organic Skincare available now at Downtown at the Gardens store.

Night time skin care and post makeup skin care regime’s are critical if you want a flawless makeup application. LUKA Cosmetics is now featuring an amazing skin care product line that leaves skin feeling baby soft!

The line includes plant and fruit extracts such as shiitake, kui kui nut, mango, avocado, neroli, aloe, chamomile, and carrot just to name a few vital ingredients. The ingredient arnica is in the eye brightening serum, which is a major healing ingredient for bruising and scaring. After using the skin care you may notice a huge difference in your skin’s glow, elasticity, and overall appearance.

If you are in search of an easy to use 3 step process prior to putting on your makeup, consider Luka Cosmetics all natural and organic skin care product line. You can stop by the Downtown Palm Beach Gardens store or visit some of the other locations such as The Spa at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens or Cosmo Prof in West Palm Beach.

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May 22, 2014 · 2:11 pm

Lady Spa Spa loves it: Mia Tempo is a DIY spa day in a box!

Mia Tempo box is beautifully packaged with fine tissue, a glossy box, and embossed stickers

Mia Tempo box is beautifully packaged with fine tissue, a glossy box, and embossed stickers

It’s a big football day at my house so I could not think of a better way to occupy myself with a little “me time” as I have zero interest in the sport so I decided break out my newly arrived Mia Tempo box . Hence the name, “Mia  Tempo” whose mission is to help women everywhere take and break and enjoy a little “Me Time”. The team at Mia Tempo seeks out the best of all-natural, organic products and shares them with you or your friends in quarterly care packages via a subscription. Or another option, you can opt for “Me Time, Anytime” packages available for purchase on demand so you never have to wait to enjoy your Mia Tempo.

This month’s Mia Tempo Box will benefit Angels for Kids Foundation. The company proudly donates a portion of the proceeds from each Mia Tempo Box to a different  women’s charity organization each month. That way not only are you taking time out for yourself but at the same time with a subscription you actually help women from all walks of life.


I was lucky enough to receive the Limited Edition MiaTempo Winter Signature Box.  Not only did the box come beautifully packaged but the products were all very high quality and I love the way they are so well thought out to Relax, Refresh, Renew.  There is not one product here that I cannot put to use and more than once too. I will be able to enjoy at least a few spa experiences out of the one box. It’s definitely a great gift idea for friends that love beauty and spa as much as I do. And each box comes with a treatment menu describing the products you have received, walking you through your spa journey.

Heres what my spa experience in a box consists of:

Step One: Relax:  

FSCN0022Chi Candle travel tin in Bartlett Pear, which happens to be one of my absolute favorite scents. Chi candles are eco-friendly, highly scented soy candles and smells amazing just like the fresh picked fruit! According to their website , this candle burns for over 35 hours! (Retail Value: $6.50)

DSCN0020Rinse Green Tea Tub Tea by Rinse Bath & Body-Its like a tea bag that you steep in your bath water consisting of a  blend of herbs & botanicals that are known to soothe & ease the skin & muscles along with green tea known to contain lots of great antioxidants that help detoxify the skin. Contains two tea bath bags. ($8 value)

DSCN0010Step Two: Refresh

Winter Wonderland Travel Suite Set from LaLicious, comes with four 2 oz. size travel friendly and all natural  products in the scent called Sugar Kiss. The set includes body oil, body butter,  body scrub and whipped body soap. I love this set! It smells like a combination of citrus, roses and vanilla all packaged in a really nice, durable transparent zippered case. It’s like a body treatment in a bag perfect for cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating. And the scent is one of those that leaves you licking your lips but you know it’s not for eating! (Retail Value: $28.00)

DSCN0024Oh and we cannot forget  about the ecotools  ecopouf sponge that came in the box. All eco tools are packaged or produced in an  eco-conscious way (Retail Value: $2.95)

Rinse Yogurt Mask: An apothecary jar filled with this powder allows you to make your fresh masks any time you like. You can mix the powder with milk, honey, cream or just water until it forms a paste. Apply to your face and rinse after ten minutes to enjoy soft and refreshed skin. ($10.95)

Step Three: Renew.

DSCN0017Back to the LaLicious Travel Set to complete the final steps. The LaLicious Body Butter or Body oil will preserve the amazing softness post bath without a greasy feeling. Mmmm this scent is so luscious you just want to apply and inhale! Aromatherapy at its finest.

Current pricing is well worth it! According to the letter I received with my box, the company will now be making this a quarterly subscription plan for 2014 instead of a monthly subscription service. Currently the cost of one is just $39.95 and you can see from the value of the contents that you definitely get a great value with all these high quality products you receive and the impressive presentation makes it a gift you will proud to give anyone!

Visit the website for yourself and learn more http://www.miatempo.com.

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Hydrate AND protect your skin with COOLA Mineral Face Moisturizer

COOLA Face SPF20 Unscented Natural Mineral Sunblock

COOLA  Mineral Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 is not just a moisturizer nor is it just your average sunblock. You can use it daily as your facial moisturizer to hydrate the skin and you don’t need to worry about sunscreen because it shields you from the sun with full UVA/UVB protection.  

What I LOVE about COOLA Mineral Face Moisturizer:

  • Even though it has all the ingredients of typical sunblock like Zinc Oxide and  Titanium Dioxide it goes on sheer and transparent with no white or ashy appearance on the skin.
  • With its sheer texture it does not feel greasy or heavy like the other leading sunblock products.
  • It is noncomodogenic which means I don’t need to worry about it clogging the pores on my face like other sunblocks that are not specifically designed for facial usage.
  • It is light enough to wear under makeup.
  • Only organic and locally sourced ingredients are used in the production of the entire Coola Suncare Collection

Natural Mineral Sunblock by COOLA offers the following benefits:

1) Organic Cocoa and Shea Butters sooth and moisturize to help with fine lines

2) Xylinum Black Tea and Organic Grape Seed Extract offer skin an anti-aging boost

3) Delivers UVA/UVB sun protection

Things you should know about COOLA Mineral Face Moisturizer:

COOLA unscented mineral face moisturizer is a bit more expensive than other sunblocks but it is worth the extra investment. With its dual purpose use you can justify the added dollars because it combines two products in one, an anti-aging moisturizer with
the added benefits of your usual sunblock.  No need to bother with greasy products like Hawaiian Tropic or Coppertone when you have all the protection you need with COOLA.

This face moisturizer also comes in Matte Finish Cucumber that hydrates and protects with SPF 30 and delivers a refreshing scent. Or add some color to your face with the Tint Rose Natural Mineral Sunblock which soothes and offers a slight rosy glow to your skin tone.

Where to Buy It: You can buy products from the COOLA Organic Suncare collection at fine resorts and spas like the
Seagate Hotel & Spa in Delray Beach or the Four Seasons, Palm Beach and of course online for $36/1.7 oz.

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Spa at Home: Hawaiian Salt Body Glow

Use Alba Hawaiian Spa Treatments for a healthy glow

One of my favorite treatments at the spa is the salt body glow.  I cannot always afford to visit the spa so I find ways to give myself spa treatments at home.  I treat myself to some “ME” time with the Alba Botanica line of HAWAIIAN  spa treatment products.

To give myself a salt body glow, I start with the Hawaiian Sea Salt Body Scrub. Standing in the shower without the water on, I  apply  a scoopful to legs and feet. Then moving up my body get my mid section, arms and  chest. I reach behind me to get any body parts that are reachable!  I am sure to spend even more time on areas that most often get rough like heels and elbows. The Sea Salt Body Scrub feels rough but invigorating as I apply it to my skin.

Once I feel completely covered with the product I turn the water ON and rinse. The salt disintegrates in the water leaving behind a light sheen of oil that has the invigorating scent of  essentail tropical oils.

Benefit: Exfoliating your body helps rejuvenate skin and removes unsightly flaking or dry skin. Skin will feel baby soft.

My skin is left luxuriously smooth and soft now. While I am still slightly damp,  I apply the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Kukui Nut Body Cream. Then I towel dry and the scent of the body cream lingers all afternoon. It has a delightfully light scent of vanilla and cocoa butter which I really enjoy. The Body Cream seems like it has a rich texture similiar to body butter but it does not leave behind a greasy feeling on the skin.

Benefit: The Body Cream absorbs into the skin and locks moisture in for hours along with a delightful scent. Kukui Nut Body Cream contains kukui nut oil, straight from the Island of Hawaii, which is packed with tons of nutrients essential for healthy skin.

Lady Spa Spa Tip: No time for a full body treatment? Use the Alba HAWAIIAN Spa Treatments Sea Salt Scrub on hands and follow with the Kukui Nut Body Cream after for extra soft hands.

Where to buy: The Alba HAWAIIAN Spa Treatments line of products can be purchased at Whole Foods Markets and other health food specialty stores.

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