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See Immediate Results with the Transformation Resurfacing Facial at the Si Spa, Palm Beach Marriott

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After checking into the Si spa, located inside the impressive Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Resort and Spa, I was escorted by Spa Attendant Virginia to the women’s locker room to change into a robe and slippers. She delivered me to the Relaxation Room where I enjoyed some fruit -infused water. There was a selection of fruit and snacks or tea to choose from while I waited.

Diana, my friendly Esthetician came to pick me up and deliver me to my treatment suite. All the treatment rooms are named cleverly after bodies of water such as Sargasso like the Sea. I was left for a few minutes to disrobe and was lying in the cozy treatment bed when Diana returned and said “This is all about you, so tell me about yourself and your concerns”. I explained that I have concerns about clogged pores in my t-zone area and she said the treatment I was about to enjoy would relieve unwanted clogging as well as exfoliate dead skin cells and create a more youthful appearance by stimulating the collagen levels in my skin so it seemed I had chosen the perfect treatment for my needs.

The Transformation Resurfacing Facial included multiple steps and featured Skin Authority products:

Step One: A Glycolic Cleanser was massaged into my face, neck and décolleté area.

Step Two: Diana brushed on a pre-peel Glycosol which acts as a tonic on the skin. This had a cool feeling. 

Step Three: a Glycolic Acid solution was applied to the face, neck and décolleté using a brush and my skin immediately tingled and felt slightly hot but to alleviate any discomfort whatsoever Diana used a mini fan which made me forget about the peel on my face all together. I have never had a peel before so I was thinking it may hurt but it really was not uncomfortable at all.

Step Four: A cool towel was used to remove the peel and then a moisturizing Post Peel Baum was applied next.

Step Five: Diana examined the skin to check for any clogged pores or blackheads. She performed some very gentle extractions

Step Six: A Calming mask was applied. This Skin Authority mask exfoliates dead cells, clears clogged pores, and calms inflammation, a perfect product to reduce any irritation that may have been caused by the Glycolic Acid peel.

Step Seven: While the mask sunk into my skin I had the most wonderful scalp, hand and arm massage.

Step Eight: The dried mask was gently removed using warm wash cloths.

Step Nine:  The finale was a series of vitamins, moisturizer and sunscreen being massaged into my face, neck and décolleté. 

 Every step of the process was completely relaxing and all applications were gently and thoroughly massaged into the skin. Not only did this treatment leave me feeling fabulously spoiled but the results speak for themselves. Talk about instant gratification, I left the Si Spa with smooth, supple, radiant skin.  Plus the results will last. According to Diana, the glycolic acid peel will prevent future breakouts and will encourage the production of collagen in my skin to leave it soft and supple for days.

Just because my treatment was over did not mean the relaxation had to end. Si Spa guests can enjoy a lagoon pool, the breathtaking beach, a steam room with marble loungers, the fitness room or a meal at Solu Lagoon Grill while taking in gorgeous Palm Beach views.

Get your Si experience started by calling 561-340-1755 to book an appointment today. Click here to learn more.


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