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Be picture perfect poolside with these Phytomer must-haves

Phytomer_bodyIf you’ve never heard of Phytomer, you are missing out! They are a leader in marine skincare distributed in over 70 countries worldwide. The word “Phytomer” actually means “plant of the sea” because the company uses sea water and resources to create all their products. Based in Saint Malo, France you can rely on this brand to offer 100% natural skin care with years of science and knowledge behind it.

A personal favorite of mine, Phytomer CC Crème Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 20 has multiple benefits and uses all-in-one product. It can replace your daily sunscreen, your foundation and your daily moisturizer without problem! Simply apply to face and neck for a radiant, moisturized complexion year round!

After a full day in the sun, skin can use some soothing, refreshing and quenching – all of which can be found in Phytomer Sun Soother After-Sun Mask. An added benefit is this product also can help fight pre-mature aging due to sun damage.

I don’t know about you but with time, my legs just get more and more veiny as I age. The only time this is much of a concern for me is during bathing suit season (which is all year round in Florida!). BEAUTIFUL LEGS Blemish Eraser Cream is basically cover up just for your legs! It has a soft rosy color, subtle pearlescent sheen and wonderfully soft texture, making it a must-have for gals that want to cover those unsightly blemishes for picture perfect legs.

For those who wish to be as radiant as if you just left the pool or beach without negative sunbathing effects give Phytomer SUN RADIANCE Self-Tanning Cream a shot. What makes this product different is it literally melts into your skin without any oily residue (the kind that can end up staining clothing when dressing.) It’s white color helps for even application. While similar products have an unpleasant odor, Phytomer has a sweet floral fragrance and can be used on both face and body…

Phytomer products can be purchased at only the finest Palm Beach area spas including PGA National Resort & Spa and Si Spa at the Marriott Palm Beach to name a couple. Visit Phytomer to find a distributor near you.

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The Youth Revelation Facial at the Spa at PGA National Resort

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The Spa at PGA National Resort recently added a variety of services to their spa menu featuring the Phytomer line of products. According to the Spa at PGA’s Aesthetician, Gulnur, natural resources from the Mediterranean Sea like algae and seaweed are used to create these top of the line marine based products. Gulnur enthusiastically explained that the various kinds of seaweed and algae offer up some stupendous results like skin rejuvenation, firming, tightening and softening of the skin in addition to detoxification as well.

The Spa at PGA

I had the pleasure of  enjoying a treatment administered by an Aesthetician named Gulnur called The Youth Revelation Facial with Back Treatment. Gulnur spoke very passionately about the Phytomer product line and her passion for skincare really shined through. She was truly a pro at what she does.

Highlights of the Youth Revelation Facial with Back Treatment included:

  • A back treatment to start – a seaweed mixture was applied to a plastic layer that was on the massage bed. Then a layer of gauze between me and the mixture. This mixture behind my back was heated and had a bubbling sensation down my spine like nothing I have experienced before. This sensation lasted  for at least the first 20 minutes of my facial.
  • Double the cleansing steps: Gulnur manually massaged my face and decollete with a milky cleanser first. Then she used the Clarisonic cleansing brush system to apply a gel cleanser giving me a pleasant facial massage with the brush.
  • Double the exfoliating treatment applications – Gulnur used a resurfacing exfoliant that has 3 different sized grains in it to exfoliate the different layers of dry skin from largest to smallest.  Then she used an Enzymatic Exfoliant that is made with Red Algae. Red Algae increases circulation in the face, leaving me with a  radiant appearance.
  • Double the masks – Gulnur gently painted on a rebalancing Self Heating Mask  made from freeze dried Laminaria,  a brown seaweed rich in vitamins. It was applied to gauze on my face and then similiar to a body wrap a layer of foil was applied to retain heat.  This was meant to detoxify the skin while also hydrating at the same time. The second mask was a smoothing mask which offers you an instant “face lift” since it actual plasticizes on the face. Gulnur was able to remove this mask all in one lift! 
  • Double the results– this facial not only cleanses the skin thoroughly but it helps with cell regeneration and detoxification of the skin at the same time.

Things you should know about the Youth Revelation Facial:

  •  While the benefits of this facial offer instant gratification leaving you with a radiant,smooth, lifted and detoxified complexion extractions are not part of this facial.
  • There is a slightly unpleasant odor to this treatment as the products are all directly from the sea they also smell like they are directly from the sea. The odor was slightly fishy but absolutely bearable once you see the results. Plus the top notch Aestheticians do everything to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for you during your treatment.
  • An exciting benefit for all Spa at PGA National guests is access to the Waters of the World where you can enjoy three different pools and an infinity style outdoor jacuzzi before or after your treatment. Or sunbathe on a comfy lounge chair while sipping on smoothies and dining on healthy spa cuisine.

To learn more about the Phytomer services now available at the Spa at PGA National Resort  or to take an exotic dip in the Waters of the World call  800-533-9397 to book an appointment.


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