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Spa at Home: Aromatherapy Soak with Aubrey Organics Natural Spa Sea Wonders Relaxing Bath Salts

An aromatherapy bath soak with Aubrey Organics Natural Spa Sea Wonders Relaxing Bath Salts

You know that achy muscle feeling that comes along with tough workouts or even flu like symptoms that you just can’t get rid of? Well from time to time our body physically aches and there is no time or your wallet is empty so a spa visit is out the question. In these cases or just when you feel like a little pampering at the spur of the moment simply create your own spa ambiance at home with Aubrey Organics Natural Spa Sea Wonders Relaxing Bath Salts.

Light some candles around the bath. Then, just pour a scoop of these large sized sea salts into your bath. Lean back  and enjoy a relaxing, soothing, and aromatic spa experience. This tranquil, relaxing sea salt product provides an aromatherapy experience for your bath. With organic aloe and organic jojoba oil a side effect of this bath is also deeply hydrated skin. Pure, natural ingredients include sea salts obtained from seaweed, aloe vera, and jojoba oil. Plus your bath experience will be enhanced by the fragrant scent of blended Organic geranium oil and organic sweet orange oil which will soothe your senses and leave you with that AHHHH! feeling.

Where to find Natural Spa Sea Wonders Relaxing Bath Salts: Your local health food store or online at www.aubrey-organics.com.

What it costs: $17.95 cor a 12 oz. jar. This should last you at least six bathes.

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Spa at Home: Hawaiian Salt Body Glow

Use Alba Hawaiian Spa Treatments for a healthy glow

One of my favorite treatments at the spa is the salt body glow.  I cannot always afford to visit the spa so I find ways to give myself spa treatments at home.  I treat myself to some “ME” time with the Alba Botanica line of HAWAIIAN  spa treatment products.

To give myself a salt body glow, I start with the Hawaiian Sea Salt Body Scrub. Standing in the shower without the water on, I  apply  a scoopful to legs and feet. Then moving up my body get my mid section, arms and  chest. I reach behind me to get any body parts that are reachable!  I am sure to spend even more time on areas that most often get rough like heels and elbows. The Sea Salt Body Scrub feels rough but invigorating as I apply it to my skin.

Once I feel completely covered with the product I turn the water ON and rinse. The salt disintegrates in the water leaving behind a light sheen of oil that has the invigorating scent of  essentail tropical oils.

Benefit: Exfoliating your body helps rejuvenate skin and removes unsightly flaking or dry skin. Skin will feel baby soft.

My skin is left luxuriously smooth and soft now. While I am still slightly damp,  I apply the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Kukui Nut Body Cream. Then I towel dry and the scent of the body cream lingers all afternoon. It has a delightfully light scent of vanilla and cocoa butter which I really enjoy. The Body Cream seems like it has a rich texture similiar to body butter but it does not leave behind a greasy feeling on the skin.

Benefit: The Body Cream absorbs into the skin and locks moisture in for hours along with a delightful scent. Kukui Nut Body Cream contains kukui nut oil, straight from the Island of Hawaii, which is packed with tons of nutrients essential for healthy skin.

Lady Spa Spa Tip: No time for a full body treatment? Use the Alba HAWAIIAN Spa Treatments Sea Salt Scrub on hands and follow with the Kukui Nut Body Cream after for extra soft hands.

Where to buy: The Alba HAWAIIAN Spa Treatments line of products can be purchased at Whole Foods Markets and other health food specialty stores.

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Spa at Home: Moroccanoil’s Scalp Treatment Offers Miraculous Results

My boss recently asked me what I have been doing lately with my hair. It is noticeably healthy, shiny, and less frizzy or brittle. The answer is I started using a line of products from MOROCCANOIL® that are nothing short of miraculous.

Moroccan Oil contains Argan oil in all their products. This natural product can only be found in Southwest Morocco and is a powerful antioxidant, UV protector, and free radical neutralizer. It is rich in vitamins that have the ability to strengthen hair, as well as increase hair’s elasticity. You can enjoy a scalp treatment and scalp massage at home for a fraction of the cost of the spa and reap many benefits with Moroccanoil’s Scalp Treatment. Your Scalp Treatment requires just two products from Moroccanoil:

  1. Dry No More Professional Scalp Treatment- Helps soothe dry scalp, regulates imbalances
    and relieves scalp irritation
  2. The original Moroccanoil® Treatment –A styling, finishing and conditioning products for all types of hair.

Take one drop of Dry No More Professional Scalp Treatment and apply it to each section of your hair, being sure to get every part of the scalp. Then massage the oil in and let it sink for about ten minutes. Next brush or comb the product through your entire head, before rinsing it out and washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. You could even use the Moroccanoil line of shampoo and conditioner for even better results!  To conclude the process, apply a dime size of Moroccanoil Treatment and blow dry and style your hair as usual.

The results were stupendous for me. I am someone that constantly struggles with dry scalp and after using the product my scalp does not feel dry, itchy or irritated and there is no residue on my scalp either. For $36.00/1.5 oz., Dry No More Scalp Treatment takes the itch out and is worth the investment. They don’t call it Dry No More for nothing. I literally do not have an itchy scalp or embarrassing flakes at all now and my hair is also softer and has a marvelous, rich shine.

Visit the website to learn more about the professional spas and salons where you can purchase the Moroccanoil line of products.

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