Fall Makeup Looks by Guest Blogger Alyson Sichenzia

fall-blogAutumn is here! It’s time to break out those beautiful Fall lips and beautiful bronze and smokey eyeshadows!As far as a fashion trend, consider adding Forest Green to your current makeup color palette, as it’s the hottest color of the season.  You can create a beautiful fall makeup look very easily.  I always say everybody has at least 10 to 15 minutes to get themselves ready in the morning and it’s always good to change your color palette and looks with the seasons. Living in South Florida, we can get away with a lot more than most people who live in other states. We can still rock  beautiful corals, oranges, pinks and especially reds, all year round. Red is classic, all-year-round, color and never goes out of style. When doing a fall makeup application it’s a good idea to pick a focus feature,  like your lips or eyes. You can also do a strong contour and bold brows. Makeup truly opens doors for woman, especially in the working world.

When I think about the Fall season I get so excited because it is my favorite time of year. The holidays are around the corner and beautiful weather is near. I feel there are so many more options. It makes me so happy to help all of my clients and tend to their makeup needs.

I am always available to you for makeup tips and tricks. Please visit my website at alysonsichenzia.com and follow me on Instagram @alysichenzhearne and please send me comments and questions!


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The Palm Beaches’ inaugural Spa & Wellness Month this October

massageI am so excited to fill you in on the fact that for the first time ever, the Palm Beaches will do a Spa and Wellness month similiar to Spa Chic and Miami Spa Month! During the entire month of October, The Palm Beaches invite locals and vacationers to take an indulgent escape for first-class facials and massages starting from $50 or enriching wellness experiences, such as meditation and yoga from $5, at more than 15 spa and wellness establishments throughout The Palm Beaches.

In honor of  Breast Cancer Awareness month, several participating businesses are also donating a portion of their proceeds to charities such as the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen® Organization.

These offers are a part of this month-long promotion highlighting the array of wellness-focused offerings available throughout America’s First Resort Destination®. Designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul, these featured spa therapies and wellness experiences are only available at these exclusive, limited-time prices throughout the month.

For the complete list of participating spa visit: http://www.palmbeachfl.com/spa-and-wellness/ Be sure to book your treatment in advance to be sure to take advantage of this limited time offering. Happy Spa-ing!

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Liposuction fact vs fiction with Dr. Barr

Learn about lipo with Dr. Barr

Have you ever wondered what “CoolSculpting” and “Smart Lipo” are, and if they really work? Are you wondering if these procedures are painful?

If these questions or others have ever crossed your mind, Dr. Barr of Palm Beach Plastic Surgery has a FREE email consultation program available to answer those questions for you. Dr. Fredric M. Barr has designed a virtual consultation with you in mind, covering topics such as:

• Dispelling the marketing myths behind SmartLipo, Quick Lipo, and CoolSculpting
• Which procedure is right for me?
• Scarring and recovery time
• Cost and finance information
• Will I need to go under anesthesia?
• What makes someone a candidate for mini lipo vs. traditional lipo?

Register for Dr. Barr’s Free virtual consultation to receive a series of four emails, one every other day.  This virtual consultation is designed to educate you on the different liposuction procedures Dr. Barr offers. He will also cover myths and facts about liposuction, the consultation process to determine if liposuction is right for you, and answers to the most frequently asked questions from patients.  After you read the final email, you should have all the vital information you need to help you make a decision.

Get ready to look fabulous just in time for those summer parties and vacations. Register today for Dr. Barr’s Free virtual consultation at http://palmbeachplasticsurgery.com/tutorial-2liposuction-procedure or by calling  (561) 203-4884 to find out if liposuction is right for you.

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Celebrate Global Wellness Day June 11th

All of us would like to be healthier, look better, and live well, both physically and spiritually. Living well is almost the entire world’s shared dream.
As everything that is precious to us has been honored with a special day, why is it that we don’t have a special global day dedicated to the only thing that is truly valuable to all of us…living well? We can now answer this question by saying, “It now exists!” This special day is called Global Wellness Day.

With the slogan, “One day can change your whole life,” we celebrate Global Wellness Day on the second Saturday of June every year as an international day dedicated to living well. Like thousands of other people, say “Yes!” to this special day that is spreading world-wide from Turkey all the way to the United States!

Like thousands of people, say “Yes!” to this special day spreading world-wide from Turkey.


In honor of the celebration, The Spa at PGA National is offering a one day only $99 (gratuity additional) Swedish Massage with day pass to the resort’s private 33,000 sq. ft Sports & Racquet Club offering a plethora of free classes for those who wish to take advantage.

What can you do to make a change promoting wellness in your life? 

Credit: http://globalwellnessday.org/


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Get that summer glow by guest beauty contributor Alyson Sichenzia-Hearne

imageSummer in South Florida is all about color and glowing skin. You can achieve a glowing overall look very easily by getting a natural looking, even spray tan as well as adding a highlight and contour on your face with a shimmered natural bronzer all over. Follow with an application of light eye color, liner, and a nude lip color.

It gets extremely hot here and even makeup lovers, don’t want to wear heavy makeup but rather something light and natural. Basically, the goal is to look like you are wearing no makeup but you really are. Your skin will look radiant, healthy and flawless. This makeup application takes ten minutes, I’m sure you are all excited about that. For the full tutorial visit

This makeup application takes ten minutes, I’m sure you are all excited about that. For the full tutorial visit alysonsichenzia.com.

Stay beautiful ladies!

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Lady Spa Spa loves it! Instant Radiance

Its like sun radiance in a bottle

Its like sun radiance in a bottle

Lady Spa Spa loves the warmth of basking in the sun and the look of being sun kissed, but these days I am constantly watching out for my skin. With age, I have found instead of getting tan, the sun’s harmful rays and harmful effects include spotting and sun damage versus a golden bronze color I long for. Dr. Dennis Gross, brilliant creator of products that were all inspired by the patients of his NYC dermatological practice for the past 25 years has perfected the radiance of the sun and ultimately packaged it!  In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month, introducing Instant Radiance Sun Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 40.

This brilliant formula combines color-correcting and skin-blending technology to smooth and perfect skin while delivering a potent,  SPF 40. Vitamin C, melatonin, and pigment adapters all work to correct discoloration and redness – leaving skin appearing flawless, hydrated, and completely protected.

On those pool or beach lazy days, which in South Florida is pretty much every weekend, use this in place of your foundation, your facial sunscreen or sunblock and your moisturizer. No additional makeup needed either! You will look kissed by the sun before you even get to the beach!

Dr. Dennis Gross’s products can be found at high end spa retailers everywhere including the Spa at PGA National.

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Hair tips for men by Master Stylist Maria Salamis

So I know you hear all about hair tips for girls. What to do, what not to do, etc. We’ll, don’t worry I won’t ever ignore the fact that guys need to be aware of hair care as well. So, here’s five hair care tips for guys that are truly simple to do and maintain.

Maria Salamis, master stylist at the Salon at PGA National

Maria Salamis, Master Stylist at the Salon at PGA National

1) Treat your hair with care
Washing & drying is when hair gets the roughest treatment. Overwashing can actually dull hair by stripping away protective oils. Make your routine as gentle as possible. Use warm water, not hot. Blot hair with towel rather than scrubbing.

2) Watch the greasy stuff
Gels and other styling aids can create looks. Most contain polymers that is plastic dissolved in alcohol. Alcohol can weaken and strip hair of moisture and oils. Which can make hair weak. Pomades and waxes contain petroleum jelly and beeswax, which can damage if used too much. So… Look for water based products to help avoid these issues. Remember, a little goes a long way.

3) Match your shampoo to your hair type
If you have a scalp issue, whether it’s itchy or flaky, choose a treatment shampoo for dandruff. This could also be the result of not rinsing shampoo out well enough. Thin or fine hair, focus on choosing a Volume type shampoo. Dry, brittle hair look for a moisturizing option.

4) Get a haircut regularly
Making regular hair appointments help you stay on a routine to keep your style from being too shaggy. A standing appointment with your stylist would help with a regular routine.

5) Eat right and exercise
Eating a healthy diet is the ONLY way to nourish your hair. Biotin and Vitamin B promotes softness and strength. Exercise increases blood flow, delivering all those nutrients to your scalp.

To set up an appointment with Maria Salamis, Master Stylist, or one of the Salon at PGA National’s expert staff of spa and salon professionals call 561.627.3111 or learn more at www.thespaatpganational.com. Do you have a beauty, salon or spa question? Email ladyspaspa@gmail.com and your question may be featured in an upcoming article or beauty post.

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